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  • Fa Hui Park

    Fa Hui Park (Chinese: 花墟公園; Jyutping: faa1 heoi1 gung1 jyun4) is a small park located along and north of Boundary Street, at the southeastern corner of Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon in Hong Kong. It occupies 3.19 hectares (7.9 acres).

  • East Lamma Channel

    The East Lamma Channel (Chinese: 東博寮海峽) is a sea channel in Hong Kong. It lies between the western shores of Hong Kong Island and Ap Lei Chau, and the east side of Lamma Island. To the north it leads into the Sulphur Channel and Victoria Harbour, to…

  • Eagle's Nest, Hong Kong

    Eagle's Nest (Chinese: 鷹巢山), also known indigenously as Tsim Shan (尖山), is a hill north of Cheung Sha Wan of Hong Kong. The hill peaks at 305 metres and is within Sha Tin District with border to Sham Shui Po District at her south. The hill is locate…

  • Crown of Thorns' Church

    Crown of Thorns' Church (Chinese: 荊冕堂), located at 67 Texaco Road, is an Anglican church in Hong Kong. It forms a parish in the Diocese of Western Kowloon under Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.

  • Cheung Tsing Highway

    Cheung Tsing Highway (Chinese: 長青公路; Cantonese Yale: cheung4 ching1 gung1 lou6) is a highway of Route 3 between Cheung Tsing Tunnel and North West Tsing Yi Interchange on Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong.

  • Cheung Kong Park

    Cheung Kong Park (長江公園) is a small garden located in the Central district of Hong Kong Island and named for Li Ka Shing's corporate empire. The park is privately maintained by Cheung Kong Holdings, but is open to the public.

  • Charming Garden

    Charming Garden (Chinese: 富榮花園; Jyutping: fu3 wing4 faa1 jyun4) is a Home Ownership Scheme and Private Sector Participation Scheme court in Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, built on reclaimed land of the old Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter. It was jointly d…

  • Chai Wan Kok

    Chai Wan Kok (Chinese: 柴灣角) is an area in Tsuen Wan of Hong Kong. It is located at the west end of Tsuen Wan Town. While its southeast is industrial area, its hilly northeast and coastal southwest are residential.

  • CCC Heep Woh College

    The Church of Christ in China Heep Woh College (中華基督教會協和書院), is a Christian secondary school in Tsz Wan Shan of Hong Kong. Located at Po Kong Village Road, the college is a standard grammar school founded by The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Ch…

  • Butterfly Valley

    Butterfly Valley, or Wu Tip Kuk (Chinese: 蝴蝶谷), is a valley in north of Lai Chi Kok in New Kowloon of Hong Kong, located between O Pui Shan and Piper's Hill.

  • Bluff Island

    Bluff Island, indigneously known as Sha Tong Hau Shan (Chinese: 沙塘口山), also known as Ung Kong (甕缸), is an island in Port Shelter, south of Sai Kung Peninsula of Hong Kong. It is an important area for corals and other marine life.

  • Ap Lei Pai

    Ap Lei Pai (Chinese: 鴨脷排) is an uninhabited island in Hong Kong, linked to the south of Ap Lei Chau in Hong Kong. It is located between the East Lamma Channel and Aberdeen Channel.

  • Yuen Long Highway

    Yuen Long Highway (Chinese: 元朗公路; pinyin: Yuánlǎng Gōnglù; Cantonese Yale: yun4 long5 gung1 lou6) is a Hong Kong road connecting Au Tau in Yuen Long and Lam Tei in Tuen Mun of New Territories. It is part of Route 9. It was completed in July 1993 and…

  • Wong Shek

    Wong Shek (Chinese: 黃石, Pinyin: Huáng Shí) is an area in the northern part of the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong. It is under the administration of Tai Po District. In the area, there are picnic facilities with views of the sea. However, to protect…

  • Wo Yang Shan

    Wo Yang Shan (Chinese: 禾秧山), located in the New Territories, is the fifth highest peak in Hong Kong. With a height of 771 m, it is at the southeast of Tai Mo Shan.

  • Tung Chung Bay

    Tung Chung Bay (Chinese: 東涌灣) is a bay in at the west of Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, near North Lantau New Town and Hong Kong International Airport.

  • Tsing Yi North Bridge

    Tsing Yi North Bridge is also called Tsing Tsuen Bridge (Chinese: 青荃橋) which connects the Tam Kon Shan Interchange of Tsing Yi Island and Texaco Road Roundabout of Tsuen Wan, across the Rambler Channel.

  • Tsing Long Highway

    Tsing Long Highway (Chinese: 青朗公路; pinyin: Qīnglǎng Gōnglù; Cantonese Yale: ching1 long5 gung1 lou6) is an expressway of Route 3 from North West Tsing Yi Interchange on Tsing Yi Island to Yuen Long, in Hong Kong. Ting Kau Bridge and Tai Lam Tunnel a…

  • Tong Shui Road

    Tong Shui Road (Chinese: 糖水道) is a road on the reclamation of North Point on the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong. The road spans from north Victoria Harbour to south King's Road. There is an exit to Tong Shui Road of Island Eastern Corridor along the …

  • Thomson Road, Hong Kong

    Thomson Road (traditional Chinese: 譚臣道; simplified Chinese: 谭臣道; pinyin: Tánchén Dào; Cantonese Yale: taam4 san4 dou6) is a road in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

  • Tai Ho Wan

    Tai Ho Wan (Chinese: 大蠔灣, lit. big oyster bay) is a bay on the north shore of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is located west of Siu Ho Wan, and northeast of Tung Chung.

  • South China Stadium

    South China Stadium (also known as Caroline Hill Stadium, Chinese: 南華球場) is a multi-use stadium in Hong Kong. It is currently used mostly for sports and is owned by South China AA. Originally designed for football matches and to accommodate 12,000 s…