Latitude and longitude of Air India Flight 182

Satellite map of Air India Flight 182

Air India Flight 182 was an Air India flight operating on the Montreal, Canada–London, UK –Delhi, India route. On 23 June 1985, this Boeing 747-237B (c/n 21473/330, registration VT-EFO) was destroyed by a bomb at an altitude of 31,000 feet (9,400 m). It crashed into the Atlantic Ocean while in Irish airspace. It was the first bombing of a 747 jumbo jet. A total of 329 people were killed, including 268 Canadian citizens, 27 Britons, and 24 Indians. The majority of the victims were Canadian citizens of Indian ancestry. The incident was the largest mass murder in Canadian history. The bombing of Air India 182 occurred at the same time as the Narita Airport bombing. Investigators believe that the two plots were linked, and that the group responsible was aiming for a double bombing.

Latitude: 51° 03' 36.00" N
Longitude: -12° 48' 59.99" W

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