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  • Kaurialan kenttä

    Kaurialan kenttä is a multi-use stadium in Hämeenlinna, Finland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FC Hämeenlinna.

  • Katariina

    Katariina (Finnish; Katarina in Swedish) is a district in the Uittamo-Skanssi ward of the city of Turku, in Finland. It is located in the south of the city, and is mainly a low-density residential suburb.

  • Kasnäs

    Kasnäs is a village in the municipality of Kimitoön, Finland. It belongs to the archipelago of Hitis. Blåmusslan, one of the two information centers of the Archipelago National Park is situated here. The ferries to the archipelago of Hitis, includin…

  • Karikkoselkä

    Karikkoselkä is a lake formed in an impact crater in Petäjävesi, Finland. Karikkoselkä is located approximately 30 km east from the centre of Keurusselkä, a much older and larger impact crater.

  • Jokela rail accident

    The Jokela rail accident occurred on April 21, 1996 at 07:08 local time (04:08 UTC) in Tuusula, Finland, approximately 50 kilometres (30 mi) north of Helsinki. Four people were killed and 75 injured when express train P82 from Oulu, bound for Helsin…

  • Itäkeskus metro station

    Itäkeskus (Finnish) or Östra centrum (Swedish) is a ground-level station on the Helsinki Metro. It serves the Itäkeskus shopping centre and surrounding areas in East Helsinki.

  • Iso Omena

    Iso Omena (Finnish for "Big Apple") is a shopping centre in Matinkylä, Espoo, Finland, opened on September 24, 2001. The construction of Iso Omena aimed to take heed of the wishes of the population of Espoo as well as possible. Because of this, Iso …

  • Ideapark

    Ideapark is a shopping mall in Lempäälä, Finland. It is notable for being very large by Nordic standards. The mall was built on a greenfield site alongside the Helsinki–Tampere motorway (Finnish national road 3) approximately twelve kilometres south…

  • Hämeentie

    Hämeentie (Swedish: Tavastvägen) is the longest street in Helsinki, Finland, and among its major thoroughfares. Hämeentie is a multi-lane street beginning at the Hakaniemi square in Siltasaari, and ending near Vanhankaupunginkoski on Koskelantie.

  • Hyrylä

    Hyrylä (Swedish: Skavaböle) is one of the three villages and the administrative center of Tuusula, with a population of about 19,500 residents.

  • Huopalahti railway station

    Huopalahti railway station (Finnish: Huopalahden rautatieasema, Swedish: Hoplax järnvägsstation) is a railway station on the VR commuter rail network located in northern Helsinki, Finland.

  • Hossa (Finland)

    Hossa is a village in Finland, located in the province of Oulu and part of the Suomussalmi municipality. The village is a popular outdoor tourist destination and is known for the oldest rock paintings in Northern Finland, dating back to 1500-2500 BC…

  • Helsinki Synagogue

    Helsinki Synagogue (Helsingin synagoga in Finnish, Helsingfors synagoga in Swedish) in the city of Helsinki (Helsingfors) is one of the two synagogues in Finland. Located in the Kamppi (Kampen) district, the synagogue is used by the 1,200-strong Jew…

  • Heinävesi Church

    Heinävesi Church is an Evangelical Lutheran wooden church located in Heinävesi, Finland. It was built in 1890–1891 and designed by Josef Stenbäck. The church represents the Gothic Revival style, like many of the other churches designed by Stenbäck.

  • Harju, Helsinki

    Harju (Swedish: Ås) is a quarter of Helsinki, Finland. It is located northeast from the city centre, part of Alppiharju neighbourhood, between the quarters of Alppila, Torkkelinmäki, Linjat and neighbourhoods Sörnäinen and Vallila.