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  • Western Sahara

    The Western Sahara (/ˌwɛstərn səˈhrə/; Arabic: الصحراء الغربيةAṣ-Ṣaḥrā’ al-Gharbīyah; Spanish: Sahara Occidental; Berber: Taneẓroft Tutrimt) is a disputed territory in the Maghreb region of North Africa, bordered by Morocco to the north, Algeria…

  • Dakhla, Western Sahara

    Dakhla (Arabic: الداخلة‎, Berber: ⴻⴷⴷⴰⵅⵍⴰ, Ed-Dakhla, formerly Villa Cisneros) is a city in Western Sahara under Moroccan control. It is the capital of the Moroccan administrative region Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira.

  • Free Zone (region)

    The Free Zone or Liberated Territories is a term used by the Polisario Front to describe the part of Western Sahara that lies to the east of the Moroccan Berm (the Moroccan border wall) and west and north of the borders with Algeria and Mauritania, …

  • Smara

    Smara, also Samara and Semara (Arabic: السمارة‎), is a city in the Moroccan-controlled part of Western Sahara, with a population estimated at 42,056. It is served by Smara Airport and Smara buses station.

  • Hassan I Airport

    Hassan I Airport (Arabic: مطار الحسن الأول‎, Spanish: Aeropuerto de El Aaiún, French: Aéroport international Laâyoune - Hassan Ier (IATA: EUN, ICAO: GMML/GSAI) is an airport serving El Aaiún, the capital city of Western Sahara. The airport is named …

  • Tifariti

    Tifariti (also transliterated "Tifarita"; Arabic: تيفاريتي) is an oasis town located in north-eastern Western Sahara, east of the Moroccan Berm, 138 km. from Smara and 15 km. north the Mauritanian border. It is part of what POLISARIO call the Libera…

  • Dakhla Airport

    Dakhla Airport (IATA: VIL, ICAO: GMMH/GSVO) is an airport serving Dakhla (also known as Dajla or ad-Dakhla, formerly Villa Cisneros), a city in Western Sahara, disputed south province of Morocco.

  • Laayoune

    Laayoune (Maghrebi Arabic: لعيون, Laʕyūn ; Spanish: El-Aaiún; Berber: Leɛyun; Literary Arabic: العيون al-ʿuyūn, lit. "The Springs") is the largest city in the disputed territory of Western Sahara. The modern city is thought to have been founded by t…

  • Bir Gandus

    Bir Gandus bi'r qandūz (or Bir Gandouz, Bir Gandús) is a village in Western Sahara, on the border with Mauritania, with a population of less than 50. It holds a Moroccan military post and serves as a passport control on entry or exit to Mauritania.

  • Zug, Western Sahara

    Zug (also transliterated "Zoug", "Sug"; Arabic: زوك) is located in the far south-east of Western Sahara, 170 km. from Atar, Mauritania. The only erg or sand sea in Western Sahara (known as "Galb Azefal") is located nearby, where it runs from south-w…

  • Guerguerat

    Guerguerat is a small village in the far south west of Western Sahara, 11 km from the border with Mauritania and 5 km from the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Smara Airport

    Smara Airport (IATA: SMW, ICAO: GMMA/GSMA) is an airport in Smara (also known as Semara), a city in Western Sahara (administered by Morocco).