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  • Mejía Canton

    Mejía is a canton in the province of Pichincha in northern Ecuador. It is named after Ecuadorian political figure José Mejía Lequerica. The canton includes a volcano in the Central Cordillera of the Ecuadorian Andes called Rumiñahui.

  • Los Bancos Canton

    San Miguel de los Bancos, or simply Los Bancos, is a canton in the province of Pichincha, Ecuador. The long name of the town refers to dedication of the area to the archangel Michael.

  • Guápulo

    Guápulo is a district of Quito, Ecuador, also called an electoral parish (parroquia electoral urbana). The parish was established as a result of the October 2004 political elections when the city was divided into 19 urban electoral parishes. Set beh…

  • Guayllabamba

    Guayllabamba (Kichwa Wayllapampa, green plain) is a small agricultural town (administratively, a rural parish of the canton of Quito) located 29 kilometers northeast of the city of Quito in northern Ecuador.

  • Estadio Gonzalo Pozo Ripalda

    Estadio Gonzalo Pozo Ripalda is a multi-use stadium in southern Quito, Ecuador. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Aucas. The stadium holds 22,000 spectators and built in 1987 and opened in 1994.

  • Chota, Ecuador

    The upper valley of the Chota River in northern Ecuador, and the small villages in it are usually referred to as 'El Chota', and it runs east-west between the two ranges of the Andes. It lies in the provinces of Imbabura, Carchi and (to the west) Es…

  • Chachoan Airport

    Chachoan Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Chachoan) (IATA: ATF, ICAO: SEAM) is an airport serving Ambato (also known as San Juan de Ambato), a city in the province of Tungurahua in Ecuador.

  • Catamayo Canton

    Catamayo Canton is a canton of Loja Province in Ecuador. Its seat is Catamayo. It is located in the north of the province, bordered by the cantons of Loja, Gonzanamá, Olmedo, and Chaguarpamba. In it is located the largest and most fertile valley of …

  • Bucay, Ecuador

    Bucay (also known as General Antonio Elizalde) is a town located on the eastern edge of Guayas, Ecuador, near the Chimborazo province. It is the seat of General Antonio Elizalde Canton (Bucay Canton). As of the census of 2001, there are 8,690 people…

  • Arajuno

    Arajuno (pronounced ar-a-HOO-no) is a jungle community in the Ecuadorian rainforest. It is also a Canton (political subdivision) in the Pastaza Province. It is located on the Arajuno River, a tributary of the Curaray.

  • Aguarico River

    The Aguarico River (Spanish: Río Aguarico, meaning "rich water") is a river in northeastern Ecuador. It is the main river of the Sucumbíos province. In the last part of its course it is the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border. It empties into the Napo River.…

  • 1868 Ecuador earthquakes

    The 1868 Ecuador earthquakes occurred at 19:30 UTC on August 15 and 06:30 UTC on 16 August 1868. They caused severe damage in the northeastern part of Ecuador and in southwestern Colombia. They had an estimated magnitude of 6.3 and 6.7 and together …

  • Rumiñahui Canton

    Rumiñahui (in hispanicized spelling, [rumiˈɲawi]) or Rumiñawi (Quechua rumi stone, ñawi eye, "stone eye") is a canton of Pichincha Province in Ecuador. Its seat is Sangolquí.

  • Reales Tamarindos Airport

    Reales Tamarindos Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Reales Tamarindos) (IATA: PVO, ICAO: SEPV) is an airport serving Portoviejo, the capital city of the province of Manabí in Ecuador.

  • Puerto Quito

    Puerto Quito is a town and urban parish in the province of Pichincha, Ecuador. The town is a developing area for eco-tourism, thanks to an abundance of wildlife, secondary jungle and beautiful waterfalls such as the Cascada Azul (Blue Waterfall). Pu…

  • Posorja

    Posorja is a small village in Ecuador that lies about 120 km from the city Guayaquil at the delta of the Guayas River. Posorja lies in a very dry climate zone. Many years ago, the main occupation in Posorja was fishing. However, increasing pollution…

  • Playas Canton

    General Villamil, also known as Playas, is a Guayas canton in Ecuador. The Playas canton is located at the south western area of the Guayas Province. Its Canton Capital is General José de Villamil, also known as Playas. It is located 96 kilómeters f…