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Stade 5 Juillet 1962 or 5 July 1962 Stadium (Arabic: ملعب 5 جويلية 1962‎), (the name refers to 5 July 1962, the day Algeria declared independence from France), also known as El Djezair Stadium (Arabic: ملعب 5 جويلية بالجزائر‎), is a football and athletics stadium located in Algiers, Algeria. The stadium was inaugurated in 1972 with a capacity of 95,000. It served as the main stadium of the 1975 Mediterranean Games, the 1978 All-Africa Games, the 2004 Pan Arab Games, and the 2007 All-Africa Games. The stadium was one of two venues of the 1990 African Cup of Nations (the other venue was the Stade 19 Mai 1956 in Annaba). It hosted 9 matches of the tournament, including the final match, which had a second record attendance of 105,302 spectators. In the final match, the home team Algeria defeated Nigeria 1-0 to win the tournament. The record attendance is of 110,000 spectators in the frendly match between Algeria and Serbia in 3 Marsh 2010. It also hosted the 2000 African Championships in Athletics.

Latitude: 36° 45' 21.35" N
Longitude: 2° 59' 25.61" E

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