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  • Dominica

    Dominica (/ˌdɒmɪˈnkə/ DOM-i-NEE-kə; French: Dominique; Island Carib: Wai‘tu kubuli), officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Ma…

  • Roseau

    Roseau (Kwéyòl: Wozo) is the capital and largest city of Dominica. With a population of 16,582. It is a small and compact urban settlement, located within the Saint George parish and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, the Roseau River and Morne Bruce.

  • Boiling Lake

    Dominica's Boiling Lake is situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park - Dominica's World Heritage site. It is a flooded fumarole 6.5 miles (10.5 km) east of Roseau, Dominica. It is filled with bubbling greyish-blue water that is usually envelo…

  • Geography of Dominica

    Dominica is an island in the Caribbean Sea, located about halfway between the French islands of Guadeloupe (to the north) and Martinique (to the south). Its coordinates are 15 25 N, 61 20 W. It is known as "The Nature Island of the Caribbean" due to…

  • Portsmouth, Dominica

    Portsmouth is the second largest town in Dominica, with 2,977 inhabitants. It lies on the Indian River on Dominica's northwest coast, in Saint John Parish. Cabrits National Park is located on a peninsula to the north of town. Portsmouth has its own …

  • Morne Diablotins

    Morne Diablotins is the highest mountain in Dominica, an island-nation in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles. It is the second highest mountain in the Lesser Antilles, after La Grande Soufrière in Guadeloupe. Morne Diablotins is located in the northern i…

  • Marigot, Dominica

    Marigot is the largest settlement of Saint Andrew Parish in northeastern Dominica. The village has a population of 2,676 people, and is home to a Fisheries Complex as well as the island's main airport.

  • Calibishie

    Calibishie is a town in Dominica. It is located on the north coast of the island, immediately to the east of the village of Hampstead. The Calibishie Coast Travel Area is thought by many to be the most scenic and unspoiled region of Dominica. Stretc…

  • Hampstead, Dominica

    Hampstead is a village in northeastern Dominica. Along with Bense, the area has a population of 495, and was used as a filming location for 2006's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

  • Grand Bay, Dominica

    Grand Bay, known officially as Berekua or Berricoa, is a village in the south of Dominica. It has a population of 2,288, and is the largest settlement in St.

  • Scotts Head, Dominica

    Scotts Head is a village on the southwest coast of Dominica, in Saint Mark Parish. In 2001, its population was 721. Predominantly a fishing village, Scotts Head overlooks Soufrière Bay, which is protected as the Soufrière Scotts Head Marine Reserve.

  • Salisbury, Dominica

    Salisbury is a town on the west coast of the small Caribbean island nation of Dominica. It is located at (15°26′9″N61°26′13″W) and is a part of the country's St. Joseph administrative division.

  • Wesley, Dominica

    Wesley (15°34′N61°19′W) is a village in north-eastern Dominica, situated between the old estates of Eden and Londonderry. Like many other villages along the east coast Wesley developed after Emancipation on hilly land along the boundary between the…

  • Morne Watt

    Morne Watt (Watt Mountain) is a stratovolcano in the south of the island of Dominica. It rises to a height of 1,224 m (4,016 ft) and is the third highest peak in Dominica (after Morne Diablotins and Morne Trois Pitons). A major eruption from Morne W…

  • Canefield

    Canefield is a town located on the west coast of Dominica, north of Roseau and south of Massacre, overlooking Pringle's Bay. The largest settlement in St. Paul Parish, it has a population of 2,803. It is home to an industrial estate with Harris Pain…

  • Laudat

    Laudat is a small village in the interior of Dominica, nestled between 3 mountains: Morne Watt, Morne Micotrine (Morne Mackak), and Morne Trois Pitons. With a population of just above 300 persons, Laudat is referred to as a "gateway" because it is t…

  • Salybia

    Salybia or Salibia is a hamlet on the east coast of Dominica in Saint David Parish. It is located to the south of Pagua Bay and north of the town of Castle Bruce.

  • Roseau River (Dominica)

    The Roseau River is a river in Dominica. It rises towards the south of the centre of the island, flowing southwest to reach the Caribbean Sea on the country's southwestern coast.