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  • Rømø

    Rømø (German: Röm, Frisian: Romeach) is a Danish island in the Wadden Sea. Rømø is part of Tønder municipality. The island has 650 inhabitants as of 1 January 2011 and covers an area of 129 km².

  • Nakskov

    Nakskov is a town in south Denmark. It is in Lolland municipality in Region Sjælland on the western coast of the island of Lolland. The town has a population of 12,665 (1 January 2015). To the west is Nakskov Fjord, an inlet from the Langeland Belt …

  • Museum Erotica

    Museum Erotica was a sex museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, located just off of Strøget, Copenhagen's main shopping street. The museum was founded by director / photographer Ole Ege and business manager Kim Clausen. It originally opened in 1992 at Veste…

  • Moesgård Museum

    Moesgaard Museum (MOMU) is a Danish regional museum dedicated to archaeology and ethnography. It is situated in Højbjerg, a suburb of Aarhus, Denmark.

  • Gedser

    Gedser is a town at the southern tip of the Danish island of Falster in the Guldborgsund Municipality in Sjælland region. It is the southernmost town in Denmark. The town has a population of 764 (1 January 2014).

  • Fyrkat

    Fyrkat is a former Viking ring castle in Denmark, dating from c. 980. It is located near the town of Hobro, some distance from the end of the Mariager Fjord in Northern Jutland. The fortress is built on a narrow piece of land, with a stream on one s…

  • Frederiksberg Park

    Frederiksberg Park (Danish: Frederiksberg Have) is one of the largest and most attractive greenspaces in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with the adjacent Søndermarken it forms a green area of 64 hectares at the western edge of Inner Copenhagen.

  • Flakfortet

    Flakfortet, meaning sand-shoal fortress, is a sea fort located on the artificially built island of Saltholmreb, in the Øresund between Copenhagen and Saltholm.

  • Nordjyske Arena

    Nordjyske Arena (former Aalborg Stadion) is a football stadium located in the Aalborg Stadion stadium complex. It is the home ground of AaB. It has a capacity of 13,997 of which 8,997 is seated.

  • Charlottenlund Palace

    Charlottenlund Palace (Danish: Charlottenlund Slot) is a former royal summer residence in Charlottenlund, some 10 km north of central Copenhagen, Denmark. The palace was named after Charlotte Amalie, who was responsible for the construction of the o…

  • Charlottenlund

    Charlottenlund is a suburban area on the coast north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the administrative seat of Gentofte Municipality. Bordered to the east by the Øresund, to the South by Hellerup and to the north by Klampenborg, it is one of the most…

  • Bagsværd

    Bagsværd (Danish pronunciation: [ˈbɑʊ̯sʋɛːɐ̯ˀ]) is a suburb approximately 12 km northwest of Copenhagen, in the Gladsaxe Municipality. Its center is dominated by the Bagsværd Towers, two high-rise apartment blocks.

  • Aarhus Municipality

    Aarhus Municipality (Danish: Aarhus Kommune, also commonly known by its alternative Danish spelling Århus Kommune, Århus Municipality), is a municipality in the Central Region, on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula in central Denmark. The munic…

  • Vimose inscriptions

    Finds from Vimose, Funen, Denmark, include some of the very oldest datable Elder Futhark runic inscriptions in early Proto-Norse from the 2nd to 3rd centuries.

  • Thorvaldsen Museum

    The Thorvaldsen Museum is a single-artist museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, dedicated to the art of Danish neoclassicistic sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770–1844), who lived and worked in Rome for most of his life (1796–1838). The museum is located on …

  • Hobro

    Hobro [hoˈbʀoːʔ] is an old market and railway town in Region Nordjylland on the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark. It has a population of 11,736 (1 January 2014). The town is situated in a hilly terrain at the head of Mariager Fjord, close to th…

  • Dybbøl

    Dybbøl (German: Düppel) is a small town, with a population of 2,495 (1 January 2014) in the southeastern corner of South Jutland, Denmark.

  • Dragør

    Dragør is the main town and the seat of the municipal council of Dragør Municipality, (Denmark), which includes the village of Store Magleby.

  • Danish Museum of Art & Design

    The Danish Museum of Art & Design (formerly, Danish Museum of Decorative Art; Danish: Kunstindustrimuseet) is a museum in Copenhagen for Danish and international design and crafts. It features works of famous Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen, Jac…

  • Church of Holmen

    The Church of Holmen (Danish: Holmens Kirke) is a church in central Copenhagen in Denmark, on the street called Holmens Kanal. First built as an anchor forge in 1563, it was converted into a naval church by Christian IV.

  • Vordingborg

    Vordingborg is an old ferry town in Vordingborg Municipality in Denmark. It has an inner urban area population of 11,843 (1 January 2015), and a total population of 17,714 including the satellite towns Ørslev, Nyråd and Stensved. These satellite tow…

  • Trelleborg (Slagelse)

    The Trelleborg (or Trælleborg) west of Slagelse on the Danish island of Zealand, is one of seven Viking ring castles discovered as per 2014. In its day, the fortress was situated on a peninsula that jutted into the swampy area between two rivers. Th…

  • Tondern raid

    The Tondern raid, officially designated Operation F.7, was a British bombing raid mounted by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force against the Imperial German Navy's airship base at Tønder, Denmark, then a part of Germany. It was the first attack in hi…

  • Sønderborg Castle

    Sønderborg Castle (Danish: Sønderborg Slot) is located in the town of Sønderborg, Denmark on the island of Als in South Jutland. It houses a museum focusing on the history and culture of the area. The castle is located in the middle of the town, in …

  • Skovshoved Petrol Station

    The Skovshoved Petrol Station (Danish: Skovshoved Tankstation) is a historic, still-operating filling station in Skovshoved at the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. First opened in 1936, it was designed by Arne Jacobsen and is an example of…

  • Nyboder

    Nyboder (English: New [small] Houses) is a historic row house district of former Naval barracks in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was planned and first built by Christian IV to accommodate a need for housing for the personnel of the rapidly growing Royal D…

  • Marienborg

    Marienborg has been the official residence of Denmark's prime minister since 1962. It is frequently used for governmental conferences, summits and other official purposes, including the prime minister's new year speech. Unlike the residences of othe…

  • Maribo

    Maribo is a town in Lolland municipality in Region Sjælland on the island of Lolland in south Denmark. To the north of Maribo is Nørresø ("The Northern Lake" or "Northern Maribo Lake") and to the south is Søndersø ("The Southern Lake" or "Southern M…