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  • Camp Lemonnier

    Camp Lemonnier is a United States Naval Expeditionary Base, situated at Djibouti's Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport and home to the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) of the U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM). It is the only pe…

  • Djibouti (city)

    Djibouti (Arabic: جيبوتي‎, French: Ville de Djibouti, Somali: Magaalada Jabuuti, Afar: Gabuuti) is the capital and largest city of Djibouti, which is named after it.

  • Lake Assal (Djibouti)

    Lake Assal (Arabic: بحيرة عسلBuḥayrah ʿAsal, literally 'honey lake') is a crater lake in central-western Djibouti. It is located at the western end of Gulf of Tadjoura in the Tadjoura Region, touching Dikhil Region, at the top of the Great Rift Va…

  • Djiboutian–Eritrean border conflict

    The Djiboutian–Eritrean border conflict between the forces of Djibouti and Eritrea occurred between June 10 and June 13, 2008. It was triggered by tension which began on April 16, 2008, when Djibouti reported that Eritrean armed forces had penetrate…

  • Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport

    Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport (Arabic: مطار جيبوتي الدولي‎, French: Aéroport international Ambouli) (IATA: JIB, ICAO: HDAM) is a joint civilian/military-use airport situated in the town of Ambouli. It serves Djibouti City, the capital of Dj…

  • Port of Djibouti

    The Port of Djibouti is a port in Djibouti City, the capital of Djibouti. It is strategically located at the crossroads of one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, linking Europe, the Far East, the Horn of Africa and the Persian Gulf.

  • Gulf of Tadjoura

    The Gulf of Tadjoura (Arabic: خليج تدجورا‎), (Somali: Badda Tajuura) is a gulf or basin of the Indian Ocean in the Horn of Africa. It lies south of the straits of Bab-el-Mandeb, or the entrance to the Red Sea, at (11.7°N 43.0°E).

  • Geography of Djibouti

    Djibouti is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia in the west and south, and Somalia in the southeast. To the east is its coastline on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Rainfall is sparse, and most of the …

  • Sagallo

    Sagallo (Russian: Сагалло, French: Sagallou), also known as Russian Somali, was a short-lived Russian colony in 1889, on the Gulf of Tadjoura in present-day Djibouti.

  • Tadjoura

    Tadjoura (Afar: Tagórri; Arabic: تاجورةTağūrah, Somali: Tajuura) is the oldest town in Djibouti and the capital of the Tadjourah Region. Lying on the Gulf of Tadjoura, it is home to a population of around 25,000 inhabitants.

  • Dikhil

    Dikhil is a town in the western Dikhil Region of Djibouti. Lying east of Lake Abbe, It is situated about 100 kilometers Southwest of Djibouti City and 12 km (7 mi) north of the border with Ethiopia. The town is home to a population of around 35,000 …

  • Obock

    Obock (also Obok, Ubuk) is a small port town in Djibouti. It is located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Tadjoura, where it opens out into the Gulf of Aden. The town is home to an airstrip and has ferries to Djibouti City, while mangroves lie ne…

  • Tadjourah Region

    The Tadjourah Region (Somali: Gobolka Tajuura, Afar: Tagórri Rakaakay) is a region in north-central Djibouti, the largest of its six regions. With its capital at Tadjourah, it has an area of 7,100 square kilometres (2,700 sq mi).

  • Dikhil Region

    The Dikhil Region (Somali: Gobolka Dikhil, Afar: Dikhil Rakaakay) is a region in southern Djibouti. It is bordered by the Regions of Tadjoura to the north, Arta to the northeast, Ali Sabieh to the east. To the west and south, it has a long line with…

  • Arta, Djibouti

    Arta (Arabic: أرتا‎, Somali: Carta) is a town in southeastern Djibouti. The center of the Arta Region, it is the country's sixth-largest city. As of 2013, the population was 6,025. Arta is situated on the Mountains of Arta and is famous for its mild…

  • Ali Sabieh Region

    Ali Sabieh Region (Somali: Gobolka Cali Sabiix) is a region in southern Djibouti. With a mainland area of 2,400 square kilometres (900 sq mi), it lies along the national border with Somalia and Ethiopia. Its capital is Ali Sabieh.

  • Loyada

    Loyada (Arabic: لويادا ‎) is a small town in Djibouti. Located in the Arta Region, it is the only official border crossing from Djibouti into Somalia.

  • Dorra

    Dorra is a village in Djibouti in the mid-north of Tadjoura Region, the largest region. It is about 215 kilometers north-west of Djibouti City and 65 km (40 mi) south of the border with Eritrea and east of the border with Ethiopia.

  • Stade du Ville

    The Stade National El-Hadj Hassan Gouled Aptidon is a multi-use stadium in Djibouti City, Djibouti. It is currently reserved mostly for football matches. The stadium has a capacity of hosting up to 3,000 fans.

  • Ras Siyyan

    Ras Siyyan or Ras Siyan (Arabic: رأس سيان‎) is a peninsula in the Obock Region of Djibouti, on the Bab-el-Mandeb strait (between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden), about 20 km southwest of Perim Island.

  • Dewele

    Dewele (French Douanlé) is a town on the Ethiopia and Djibouti border. Located in the Shinile Zone in the Somali Region this town has a longitude and latitude of (11°2′N42°37′E) with an elevation of 898 meters above sea level.

  • Chabelley Airport

    Chabelley Airport (IATA: CBA, ICAO: HDCH), also known as the Chabelley Airfield, is an isolated airstrip in Chabelley, located some 6 miles to the southwest of Djibouti City, the capital of Djibouti.

  • Galafi

    Galafi, also known as Gâlâfi, is a village in Djibouti. Galafi is the official border crossing from Djibouti into Ethiopia. Situated on the border with Ethiopia, it is in the north west of Dikhil.

  • Goda Mountains

    The Goda Mountains lie northwest of the Gulf of Tadjoura, Tadjoura Region in Djibouti. They rise to 1,750 metres (5,740 ft) above sea level and are the nation's largest heavily vegetated area. A part of the mountains is protected within the Day Fore…

  • Elidar

    Elidar is a town in northeastern Ethiopia. Located in Administrative Zone 1 of the Afar Region, in the angle formed by the border with Djibouti to the south, and Eritrea to the northeast, it has a latitude and longitude of (12°3′N41°55′E) with an e…