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  • Cape Verde

    Cape Verde /ˌkp ˈvɜrd/ or Cabo Verde /kb ˈvɜrd/ (Portuguese: Cabo Verde, pronounced: [ˈkabu ˈveɾdɨ]), officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean.

  • Boa Vista, Cape Verde

    Boa Vista (Portuguese meaning “good view”) is the easternmost island of Cape Verde. It is located in the Barlavento group of the archipelago. The island is known for marine turtles and traditional music, as well as its ultramarathon and its sand dun…

  • Sal, Cape Verde

    Sal (Portuguese for “salt” — from the mines at Pedra de Lume) is an island in Cape Verde. It belongs to the northern group of islands, called Barlavento, and comprises a single administrative division, the Sal municipality.

  • Nelson Mandela International Airport

    Praia International Airport (IATA: RAI, ICAO: GVNP) is an airport located on Santiago Island in Cape Verde. It was opened in late 2005, replacing the old Francisco Mendes International Airport. It is located about 3 km northeast of central Praia in …

  • Mindelo

    Mindelo (Cape Verdean Creole: Mindel’) is a port city in the northern part of the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde. Mindelo is also the seat of the parish of Nossa Senhora da Luz, and this island's municipality. The city is home to 93% of the ent…

  • Fogo, Cape Verde

    Fogo (Portuguese for "fire") is the most prominent island of the Sotavento group of Cape Verde: it rises to nearly 3,000 m (10,000 ft) above sea level at its summit, Pico do Fogo.

  • Santiago, Cape Verde

    Santiago (Portuguese for “Saint James”), or Santiagu in Cape Verdean Creole, is the largest island of Cape Verde, its most important agricultural centre and home to half the nation’s population.

  • Santo Antão, Cape Verde

    Santo Antão (Portuguese for "Saint Anthony"), or Sontonton in Cape Verdean Creole, is the westernmost and largest of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde. The nearest main island is São Vicente to the southeast, separated by a channel named Canal de…

  • Geography of Cape Verde

    Cape Verde (formally, the Republic of Cabo Verde) is a group of arid Atlantic islands which are home to a number of birds and reptiles and constitute a unique ecoregion in the World Wildlife Fund classification.

  • Pico do Fogo

    Pico do Fogo pronounced: [ˈpiku du ˈfoɡu] is the highest peak of Cape Verde, rising to 2,829 metres (9,281 ft) above sea level. It is an active stratovolcano lying on the island of Fogo. The main cone last erupted in 1675, causing mass emigration fr…

  • Aristides Pereira International Airport

    Aristides Pereira International Airport (Portuguese Aeroporto Internacional Aristides Pereira) (IATA: BVC, ICAO: GVBA) is an airport in Cape Verde located on the island of Boa Vista, about 5 km southeast of the island capital Sal Rei.

  • Maio, Cape Verde

    Maio (in Cape Verdean Creole: Dja r’ Mai) is the easternmost of the Sotavento islands of Cape Verde. Maio is located south of the island of Boa Vista and east of Santiago. The island is known for its sandy beaches and large forest, which is unusual …

  • Cesária Évora Airport

    Cesária Évora Airport (Portuguese Aeroporto Internacional Cesária Évora) (IATA: VXE, ICAO: GVSV) is Cape Verde's third most-used airport located in the island of São Vicente, located nearly 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the centre of Mindelo and serves…

  • Brava, Cape Verde

    Brava (Portuguese for “wild”) is an island in Cape Verde. It is the smallest inhabited island, but at the same time the greenest, of Cape Verde, in the Sotavento group.

  • Battle of Porto Praya

    The Battle of Porto Praya was a naval battle which took place during the American Revolutionary War on 16 April 1781 between a British squadron under Commodore George Johnstone and a French squadron under the Bailli de Suffren.

  • São Nicolau, Cape Verde

    São Nicolau (Portuguese meaning Saint Nicholas) is one of the Barlavento (Windward) islands of Cape Verde. It is located between the islands of Santa Luzia and Sal. Its population is 12,769, with an area of 388 km². Its economy consists mainly of ag…

  • Santa Luzia, Cape Verde

    Santa Luzia (Portuguese for Saint Lucy) is an island of the Barlavento archipelago in Cape Verde located between São Nicolau and São Vicente. The area is 35 km² (some reads 34 km²). The highest point is Monte Grande elevating 395 m. Home to a small …

  • Tarrafal camp

    Tarrafal (also known as Campo da Morte Lenta, the "Camp of the Slow Death") was a prison camp in the Portuguese colony of Cape Verde, set up by the dictator António de Oliveira Salazar after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936), where oppone…

  • Pedra de Lume

    Pedra de Lume (also Pedra do Lume,[source needs translation] Cape Verde Creole: Pedra di Lumi) is a village in the northeastern part of the island of Sal, Cape Verde. The village is situated on the east coast, about 5 km east of the island capital E…

  • Sinagoga

    Sinagoga is a settlement in the northeastern part of the island of Santo Antão, Cape Verde. It is situated on the coast, 4 km east of Ribeira Grande and 18 km north of the island capital Porto Novo.

  • São Filipe Airport

    São Filipe Airport (Portuguese Aeródromo de São Filipe) (IATA: SFL, ICAO: GVSF) is Cape Verde's fourth most-used airport located in the island of Fogo, it is located southeast of the town of São Filipe via the road linking directly from the town and…

  • Maio Airport

    The Maio Airport (Portuguese Aeroporto do Maio) (IATA: MMO, ICAO: GVMA) is an airport in Cape Verde located in the island of Maio, about 3 km north of the island capital Vila do Maio. Its IATA code means the letter M and Maio, the last two letters o…

  • Preguiça Airport

    Preguiça (Portuguese Aeroporto de Preguiça) (IATA: SNE, ICAO: GVSN São Nicolau) is an airport in Cape Verde located in the island of São Nicolau, about 3 km south of the island capital Ribeira Brava. Its IATA code is São Nicolau and the letter E, th…

  • Paul, Cape Verde

    Paul is a concelho (municipality) of Cape Verde. Situated in the eastern part of the island of Santo Antão, it covers 7% of the island area, and is home to 16% of its population. Its capital is the town Pombas. The municipality consists of one fregu…