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The Intelligence Directorate (Spanish: Dirección de Inteligencia, or DI, also known as G2 and formerly known as Dirección General de Inteligencia or DGI) is the main state intelligence agency of the government of Cuba. The DI was founded in late 1961 by Cuba's Ministry of the Interior shortly after the Cuban Revolution. The DI is responsible for all foreign intelligence collection and comprises six divisions divided into two categories, which are the Operational Divisions and the Support Divisions. Manuel "Redbeard" Piñeiro was the first director of the DI in 1961, and his term lasted until 1964. Another top leader who directed the famous office, located on Linea and A, Vedado, was the now retired Div. General, Jesus Bermudez Cutiño. He was transferred from being the chief of the Army Intelligence (DIM) to the Ministry of Interior after the corruption trials and executions of Arnaldo Ochoa and Jose Abrantes Fernandez in 1989. The current head of the DI is Brig. Gen. Eduardo Delgado Rodriguez.

Latitude: 23° 08' 18.24" N
Longitude: -82° 23' 54.96" W

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