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  • Battle of Caseros

    The Battle of Caseros was fought near the town of Caseros, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, on 3 February 1852, between the Army of Buenos Aires commanded by Juan Manuel de Rosas and the Grand Army (Ejército Grande) led by Justo José de Urquiza. Th…

  • Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant

    Atucha II is a nuclear power plant in Argentina, located in Lima, Buenos Aires, on a site next to Atucha I. Its construction started in June 1981 under a contract with Siemens. Like Atucha I, it is a Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR), but was p…

  • Puerto Toro

    Puerto Toro, founded 1892 during the Tierra del Fuego Gold Rush by Governor of Punta Arenas Señoret, is a hamlet on the eastern coast of Navarino Island, Chile.

  • Navarino Island

    Navarino Island (Spanish: Isla Navarino) is a Chilean island located strategically between Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, to the north, and Cape Horn, to the south. The island forms part of the Commune of Cabo de Hornos, the southernmost commune i…

  • Nahuel Huapi Lake

    Nahuel Huapi Lake (Spanish: Lago Nahuel Huapí) is a lake in the lake region of northern Patagonia between the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén, in Argentina.

  • Curutchet House

    The Curutchet House, La Plata, Argentina, is a building by Le Corbusier. It was commissioned by Dr. Pedro Domingo Curutchet, a surgeon, in 1948 and included a small medical office on the first floor. The house consists of four main levels with a cou…

  • Buenos Aires Cabildo

    The Buenos Aires Cabildo (Spanish: Cabildo de Buenos Aires) is the public building in Buenos Aires that was used as seat of the ayuntamiento during the colonial times and the government house of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata.

  • Plaza San Martín (Buenos Aires)

    Plaza San Martín (English: San Martín Square) is a park located in the Retiro neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Situated at the northern end of pedestrianized Florida Street, the park is bounded by Libertador Ave. (N), Maipú St. (W), Santa F…

  • Monte Pissis

    Monte Pissis is an extinct volcano in La Rioja Province, Argentina. The mountain is the third-highest in the Western Hemisphere, and is located about 550 km (340 mi) north of Aconcagua. Monte Pissis is named after Pedro José Amadeo Pissis, a French …

  • National Technological University

    The National Technological University (Spanish: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, UTN) is a country-wide national university in Argentina, and considered to be among the top engineering schools in the country. Hosting over 75,000 students, its stude…

  • Huemul Project

    The Huemul Project (Spanish: Proyecto Huemul) was a secret project proposed by Austrian scientist Ronald Richter to the government of Argentina during the first presidency of Juan Domingo Perón.

  • Formosa, Argentina

    Formosa (Spanish pronunciation: [forˈmosa]) is the capital city of the Argentine province of Formosa, on the banks of the Paraguay River, about 1,200 km (746 mi) from Buenos Aires, on National Route 11. The city has a population of about 234,000 per…

  • Estadio Marcelo Bielsa

    Estadio Marcelo A. Bielsa is Newell's Old Boys' multi-use stadium in Rosario, Argentina. It didn't have any official name until December 22, 2009, when it was named after the former manager of the club Marcelo Bielsa. Until then it was simply called…

  • Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires

    Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires (National School of Buenos Aires) is a public high school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the tradition of the European gymnasium it provides a free education that includes classical languages such as Latin and Greek.…

  • Buenos Aires Botanical Garden

    The Buenos Aires Botanical Garden (official name in Spanish: Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) is a botanical garden located in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

  • Battle of San Lorenzo

    The Battle of San Lorenzo was fought on February 3, 1813 in San Lorenzo, Argentina, then part of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata. A Spanish Royalist force under the command of Antonio Zabala was defeated by the Regiment of Mounted Grenad…

  • ARA Uruguay

    The corbeta (corvette) ARA Uruguay, built in England, is the largest ship afloat of its age in the Armada de la República Argentina (Argentine Navy), with more than 135 years passed since its commissioning in September 1874. The last of the legendar…

  • Necochea

    Necochea is a port and beach city in the southwest of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The city is located on the Atlantic coast, along the mouth of the Quequén Grande River, 528 km (328 mi) from Buenos Aires and 120 km (75 mi) southwest of Mar del…

  • Cerro Catedral

    Cerro Catedral is a mountain located 19 kilometres (12 mi) from San Carlos de Bariloche, and inside the Nahuel Huapí National Park, Patagonia, Argentina.

  • Retiro railway station

    Retiro Station (Estación Retiro in Spanish) is a large railway terminus in the Buenos Aires central business district in Argentina, located in the district of Retiro, opposite Plaza San Martín, a large public square.

  • Minister of Economy of Argentina

    The Minister of Economy is the head of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Argentina, concerned with finance and monetary matters. The position within the Government of Argentina is analogous to the finance ministers of some countries and …

  • La Trochita

    La Trochita (official name: "Viejo Expreso Patagónico"), in English known as the "Old Patagonian Express", is a 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in) narrow gauge railway in Patagonia, Argentina using steam locomotives.