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  • La‘l

    La‘l (La‘l wa Sar Jangal) is a town in and the administrative center of Lal Wa Sarjangal District, Ghor Province, Afghanistan.

  • Laghar Juy

    Laghar Juy is a small village located in the southern portion of the Kot valley which is at the base of the Spin Ghar mountain range, sometimes referred to as the Tora Bora mountain range.

  • Khwaja du koh

    Khwaja du koh is a town and the center of Khwaja du koh District, Jowzjan Province, Afghanistan. It is situated few miles northwest of the city of Sheberghan and a mile northeast from the main Andkhoy-Sheberghan road.

  • Karukh

    Karukh is a town and the center of Karukh District, Herat Province, Afghanistan. The population is more than 18,800 people.

  • Kamdesh

    Kāmdēsh (Pashto: کامدېش‎), or Kamdeish, is a town in the Landai Sin Valley, and the center of the Kamdesh District in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan.

  • Jawand

    Jawand (also romanized as Javand) is a town and the capital of Jawand District, in Badghis Province, Afghanistan.

  • Ghurian

    Ghurian (Ghūrīān, Ghoryan, Ġūrīān) is a city and the administrative center of Ghurian District in Herat Province, Afghanistan. It is an uncommon name, but when used means "giant lumber" or "rock hard". It is 790 m high with a population of more than…

  • Bazar-i-Panjwayi

    Bazar-i-Panjwai is a village and the center of Panjwayi District in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. It is located on (31.5478°N 65.4542°E) at 950 m altitude.

  • Baghran

    Baghran is a village and the district center of Baghran District in Helmand province, Afghanistan. It is located at (33.0669°N 65.0917°E) and at an altitude of 1,564 m.

  • Ayub Kheyl

    Ayub Kheyl (Persian: أيوب خيل‎) (Ab Khail) is a small village 7 miles outside Khost, Afghanistan. It was the site on July 27, 2002 of a firefight by US soldiers, assisted by Afghan militia, against militants in the village. After the fight, the Amer…

  • Arghistan River

    The Arghistan or Arghastan is a river in southern Afghanistan. It flows through Arghistan District and the provinces of Zabul and Kandahar. It is a tributary of the Dori River, a sub-tributary of the Helmand River.

  • Alasay

    The Battle of Alasay, codenamed Operation Dinner Out, was a military operation in Alasay which was carried out by French troops and the Afghan National Army (ANA) between the 14th and 23rd of March 2009. It left one French soldier killed, as well as…

  • Zendeh Jan

    Zinda Jan (Zindehjan, Fushanj) is a town located in the valley of the Hari River in the central part of Herat Province, Afghanistan at (34.3456°N 61.7317°E) at 835 m altitude. It is 14 km east of Baranabad, and is the administrative seat of Zendeh J…

  • Tani (Khost)

    Tani (also: Daragi) is a village and the center of Tani District, Khost Province, Afghanistan. It is located on (33.2422°N 69.8281°E) at 1,303 m altitude. The main tongue spoken there is Pashto language.