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  • Mussahi

    Mussahi (Masa'i) is a village and the center of Mussahi District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. It is located at (34.3667°N 69.2167°E) at 1844 m altitude in a river valley 25 km south of Kabul.

  • Khulm River

    The Khulm River (Darya-i Khulm) (alternate spelling: Kholm; alternate name: Tashqurghan River) is a river of northern-central Afghanistan. In its upper course, it passes through Khulm and Haybak, today in Balkh Province. The Khulm is a tributary to …

  • Guldara

    Guldara (also Gūḏāra, Gudara, or Gowdārah) is a village and the center of Guldara District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. It is located at (34.8172°N 69.0878°E) at 1722 m altitude, 45 km North of Kabul. The village was almost fully destroyed and now …

  • Darunta Dam

    The Darunta Dam is a hydroelectric power dam located on the Kabul River, approximately 7 km west of Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar Province in eastern Afghanistan.

  • Camp Warehouse

    Camp Warehouse is the operations centre for the multinational International Security Assistance Force located 10 kilometers east of Kabul. The camp has soldiers and equipment from dozens of countries.

  • Baraki Rajan

    Baraki Rajan (Dari/Pashtun: برکی راجان) is a town within the Baraki Barak District of Logar Province, Afghanistan. Baraki Rajan lies approximately 3 km south of the town of Baraki Barak, the capital of the Baraki Barak District.

  • Aqcha

    Aqcha (formerly Akcha) is a town in northern Afghanistan approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) east from Sheberghan and 100 kilometres (62 mi) west from Mazar-e-Sharif. It is the center of the Aqcha District in Jowzjan Province of Afghanistan. The pop…

  • Adraskan

    Adraskan is an old town in western Afghanistan, mentioned in 13th and 14th century geographies as one of four prominent towns in the district of Sabzwar, the Green Place, which, now called Shindand (Pashto equivalent of Sabzwar). Now the town is the…

  • Tarnak River

    The Tarnak River is a river of Ghazni, Zabul and Kandahar provinces of Afghanistan. It rises in Hazarajat, near (33°7′N67°56′E), south of the Lomar Pass. It flows towards the south-west for some 350 km before it joins the Dori River some 30 km down…

  • Tarinkot Airport

    Tarinkot Airport (IATA: TII, ICAO: OATN) is a domestic airport located in southeastern Afghanistan, one mile (2 km) south of Tarinkot, the capital city of the province of Urozgan. It is 60 miles (97 km) north of Kandahar, and 205 miles (330 km) sout…

  • Shawa

    Shawa is a village in Lower Dir District, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, on the road between Chakdara and Asbanr. The village is 5 km (3 miles) away from Chakdara city, which is located near Churchill Piquet on the banks of the Swat River. Its population is ab…

  • Sabzawar

    Sabzawar is a town in Afghanistan, situated at an elevation of 3550 ft on the left bank of the river Harud, 93 miles south of Herat. Sabzawar was once a city of considerable size, and still possesses a fortress with sides of about 200 or 250 yards. …

  • Qala i Naw Airport

    Qala i Naw Airport (IATA: LQN, ICAO: OAQN) is a small airport serving the city of Qala i Naw in Badghis Province, Afghanistan. It is also known as Qala Nau Airport. It previously had scheduled services with the now defunct Pamir Airways. This airpor…

  • Panji Poyon

    Panji Poyon (Tajik: Панҷи Поён), also known since the times of the Soviet Union as Nizhny Panj (from Russian: Нижний Пяндж, Nizhniy Pyandzh) is a border checkpoint on the Tajik side of the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border.

  • October 2009 Afghanistan earthquake

    A 6.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Afghanistan on October 22, 2009 at 19:51:27 UTC. This was a relatively deep shock with a reverse focal mechanism. The maximum Mercalli Intensity was V (Moderate) at Fayzabad, Badakhshan.

  • Mir Bacha Kot

    Mir Bacha Kot is a village and the center of Mir Bacha Kot District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. It is located at (34.7467°N 69.1164°E) at 1690 m altitude, 25 km North of Kabul. The village infrastructure was destroyed during the war.

  • Kohsan

    Kohsan (Kohistan, Kūhestān) is a town and the administrative center of Kohsan District, Herat Province, Afghanistan. The population is 12,463 (est. 2007).

  • Khwahan Airport

    Khwahan Airport Persian: فرودگاه خواهان‎ (IATA: KWH, ICAO: OAHN) is a private use airport located near Khwahan, Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

  • Haji Khel

    Haji Khel is a town located at (32.9928°N 67.9653°E) at 2,117 m altitude in the northern part of Ab Band district, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan and is the capital of the district.

  • Guzara

    Guzara (Gozareh) is a village and the center of Guzara District in Herat Province, Afghanistan on (34.2167°N 62.2167°E) at 992 m altitude.