Latitude and longitude of Emirate of Afghanistan

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The Emirate of Afghanistan (Pashto: د افغانستان امارت‎ Da Afghānistān Amārat) was an emirate between Central Asia and South Asia, which is today's Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The emirate emerged from the Durrani Empire, when Dost Mohammed Khan, the founder of the Barakzai dynasty in Kabul, prevailed. The history of the Emirate was dominated by 'the Great Game' between the Russian Empire and the United Kingdom for supremacy in Central Asia. This period was characterized by the expansion of European colonial interests in South Asia. The Emirate of Afghanistan continued the war with the Sikh Empire, which led to the invasion of Afghanistan by British-led Indian forces who completely wiped out the Afghans in 1842 but did not fulfil their initial war objectives.

Latitude: 33° 55' 59.99" N
Longitude: 66° 10' 60.00" E

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