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Rēzekne (Latvian: Rēzekne pronounced [ˈrɛːzekne]; Latgalian Rēzne pronounced [rʲæːzʲnʲæ] or Rēzekne pronounced [ˈrʲæːzʲækʲnʲæ]; German: Rositten; Polish: Rzeżyca Russian: Резекне or Режица Rezhitsa is a city in the Latgalia region of eastern Latvia in Rēzekne River valley, also known by the nickname Latgales sirds (Latgalian Latgolys sirds) meaning The Heart of Latgalia. Built on seven hills, Rēzekne is situated 242 kilometres (150 miles) east of Riga, and 63 kilometres (39 miles) west of the Latvian-Russian border, at the intersection of the Moscow – Riga and Warsaw – Saint Petersburg Railways.

Latitude: 56° 30' 45.78" N
Longitude: 27° 20' 33.86" E

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