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Novoivanovskoye is a town in Russian Federation.

Population: 5,885

Latitude: 55° 42' 13.72" N
Longitude: 37° 21' 54.36" E

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  • City of Capitals

    The City of Capitals (Russian: Город Столиц, literally "a city of capital cities", official English name: Capital City) is a multifunctional complex, including twin tower skyscrapers, located on plot 9 in the Moscow International Business Center in …

  • GUM (department store)

    GUM (Russian: ГУМ, pronounced [ˈɡum], an abbreviation of the Russian: Главный универсальный магазин; Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin; literally "main universal store") is the name of the main department store in many cities of the former Soviet Union, …

  • Arena Khimki

    The Arena Khimki is a football stadium in Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia. The stadium holds 18 636 spectators and was opened in 2008 to become the home stadium of FC Khimki. Since 2009 Dynamo Moscow have also been playing at the Arena Khimki as their…

  • Moscow Art Theatre

    The Moscow Art Theatre (Russian: Московский Художественный академический театр, МХАТ; Moskovskiy Hudojestvenny Akademicheskiy Teatr, МHАТ) is a theatre company in Moscow that the seminal Russian theatre practitioner Constantin Stanislavski, together…

  • Peter the Great Statue

    The Peter the Great Statue is a 98-metre-high monument to Peter the Great, located at the western confluence of the Moskva River and the Vodootvodny Canal in central Moscow. It was designed by the Georgian designer Zurab Tsereteli to commemorate 300…

  • Kolomenskoye

    Kolomenskoye (Russian: Коло́менское) is a former royal estate situated several kilometers to the southeast of the city center of Moscow, Russia, on the ancient road leading to the town of Kolomna (hence the name). The 390 hectare scenic area overloo…

  • Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

    Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa (Worker and Kolkhoz Woman) (Russian: Рабо́чий и колхо́зница Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa) is a famous landmark of monumental art, "the ideal and symbol of the Soviet epoch", that represents a dynamic sculpture group of two figures…

  • Novo-Ogaryovo

    Novo-Ogaryovo (Russian: Ново-Огарёво), also Novo-Ogarevo, is an estate in the Odintsovo District of Moscow Oblast to the west of the city, by the Rublyovo-Uspenskoye Highway and is the location of a suburban official residence of the President of Ru…

  • Pushkin Museum

    The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Russian: Музей изобразительных искусств им. А.С. Пушкина) is the largest museum of European art in Moscow, located in Volkhonka street, just opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

  • Presidium of the Supreme Soviet

    The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (Russian: Президиум Верховного Совета or Prezidium Verkhovnogo Soveta) was a Soviet governmental institution – a permanent body of the Supreme Soviets (parliaments). This body was of the all-Union level (Presidium…

  • Spasskaya Tower

    The Spasskaya Tower (Russian: Спасская башня, translated as "Saviour Tower") is the main tower with a through-passage on the eastern wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which overlooks the Red Square.

  • Skolkovo innovation center

    The Skolkovo Innovation Center is a planned high technology business area being built at Skolkovo near Moscow, Russia. The site aims to be a highly modern complex created to encourage science and technology companies. Although historically Russia ha…

  • Olympic Stadium (Moscow)

    Olympic Stadium, known locally as the Olimpiyskiy or Olimpiski, is a large indoor arena, located in Moscow, Russia. It was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics and, divided into two separated halls, hosted the basketball and boxing events. A part of t…

  • Buran programme

    Buran (Russian: Бура́н, IPA: [bʊˈran], Snowstorm or Blizzard) was a Soviet and later Russian reusable spacecraft project that began in 1974 at TsAGI and was formally suspended in 1993. It was a response to the United States Space Shuttle program. Th…