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  • 2008 Ukraine coal mine collapse

    The 2008 Ukrainian coal mine collapse occurred at the Karl Marx Coal Mine in the city of Yenakiieve, Donetsk Oblast (province) of eastern Ukraine on June 8, 2008. The mine collapse was said to have been caused by a gas pipe explosion. The explosion …

  • 1927 Crimean earthquakes

    The 1927 Crimean earthquakes occurred in the month of June and again in September in the waters of the Black Sea near the Crimean Peninsula. Each of the submarine earthquakes in the sequence triggered tsunami. The June event was moderate relative to…

  • Zuhres

    Zuhres (Ukrainian: Зугрес, Russian: Зугрэс) is a city in Khartsyzk municipality, Donetsk Oblast (province) of Ukraine.

  • Zoloti Vorota (Kiev Metro)

    Zoloti Vorota (Ukrainian: Золотi ворота) is the 29th station of the Kiev Metro system that serves the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The station was opened as part of the first segment of the Syretsko-Pecherska Line on 31 December 1989. It serves as a tran…

  • Vyšné Nemecké

    Vyšné Nemecké is a small village in the Sobrance District, Košice Region, right on Slovakian side of the main international road border with Ukraine, opposite the city of Uzhorod.

  • Vorontsov Palace (Odessa)

    The Vorontsov Palace (Ukrainian: Воронцовський палац; Russian: Воронцовский дворец) is a 19th-century palace and colonnade in Odessa, Ukraine, at the end of the Primorsky Boulevard pedestrian walkway.

  • Verecke Pass

    Verecke Pass or Veretsky Pass (Ukrainian: Вере́цький перевал; transcribed: Veretskyy pereval, more formally: Ukrainian: перевал Середньоверецький, pereval Serednioveretskyy, also known as: Ukrainian: Ворі́тський перевал, transcribed: Vorítskyy perev…

  • Univ Lavra

    Univ Holy Dormition Lavra of the Studite Rite (Ukrainian: Свято-Успенська Унівська Лавра Студійського уставу) is the only lavra of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. It is situated in Peremyshliany Raion, Lviv Oblast.

  • Staryi Sambir

    Staryi Sambir (Ukrainian: Старий Самбір, Polish: Stary Sambor, Staremiasto, Stare Miasto) is a city in the Lviv Oblast of western Ukraine, close to the border with Poland.

  • Solomonovo

    Solomonovo (Ukrainian: Соломоново; Hungarian: Tiszasalamon, Salamon) is a village in Uzhhorod Raion (district) of Zakarpattia Oblast (province) in western Ukraine.

  • Slovianoserbsk

    Slovianoserbsk (Ukrainian: Слов'яносербськ, translit. Slovyanoserbs’k; Russian: Славяносербск) is an urban-type settlement in the Luhansk Oblast (province) of south-eastern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Slovianoserbsk Raion (distri…

  • Sadhora

    Sadhora (Ukrainian: Садгора; Polish: Sadagóra; Romanian: Sadagura; Yiddish: סאדיגורא Sadigora, also Sadagura and Sadiger) is a settlement in Ukraine, now a microraion of Chernivtsi city, which is located 6 km from the city center.

  • Radomyshl

    Radomyshl (Ukrainian: Радомишль, translit., Radomyshl’) is a historic city in Zhytomyr Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Radomyshl Raion (district), and is located on the left bank of Teteriv River, a right tr…

  • Ovruch

    Ovruch (Ukrainian: Овруч, Russian: О́вруч, Polish: Owrucz) is a city in the Zhytomyr Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Ovruch Raion (district). It is home to Ovruch air base. Population: 16,614 (2013 est.)

  • Nova Odesa

    Nova Odesa (Ukrainian: Нова Одеса, Russian: Новая Одесса, translit. Novaya Odessa; literally, New Odesa) is a city in the Mykolaiv Oblast (province) of southern Ukraine.

  • Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

    Mikhail Bulgakov Museum (officially known as Literature-Memorial Museum to Mikhail Bulgakov, commonly called the Bulgakov House) is a museum in Kiev, Ukraine, dedicated to Kiev-born Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov.

  • Lukyanivska Prison

    Lukyanivska Prison (Ukrainian: Лук'янівська в'язниця, transliterated: "Luk'yanivs'ka v'yaznitsya"), officially SIZO#13, is a famous historical prison in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, located in the central Lukyanivka neighborhood of the city. Though t…

  • Kryvyi Rih International Airport

    Kryvyi Rih/Lozovatka International Airport (Ukrainian: Міжнародний аеропорт "Кривий Ріг", Russian: Международный аэропорт "Кривой Рог") (IATA: KWG, ICAO: UKDR) is an airport near Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.

  • Kremenchuk Reservoir

    The Kremenchuk Reservoir (Ukrainian: Кременчуцьке водосховище, Kremenchuts’ke Vodoskhovyshche) is the largest water reservoir located on the Dnieper River. Named for the city of Kremenchuk, it covers a total area of 2,250 square kilometres in the te…

  • Kazantyp

    Kazantyp (Ukrainian: Казанти́п, Kazantyp or Каза́н-Тип, Kazan-Typ; Russian: Казанти́п, tr. Kazantip; IPA: [kəzɐnʲˈtʲip] or Каза́н-Тип Kazan-Tip [kɐˈzantʲɪp]; Crimean Tatar: Qazan Tip) is a headland (or a cape) located in the northeastern part of the…

  • Husiatyn

    Husiatyn (Ukrainian: Гусятин) is an urban-type settlement in the Ternopil Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. Alternate spellings include Gusyatin, Husyatin, and Hsiatyn. Husiatyn is the administrative center of the Husiatyn Raion (district), and …

  • House of the Weeping Widow

    The House of the Weeping Widow (Ukrainian: Будинок плакучої вдови) is an architectural landmark in the city of Kiev, capital of Ukraine, located at 23 Lyuteranska Street.

  • Eastern Slovak Lowland

    The East(ern) Slovak Lowland (Slovak: Východoslovenská nížina) is the name of the part of Great Hungarian Plain (Slovak: Veľká dunajská kotlina) situated in Slovakia.

  • Dunaivtsi

    Dunaivtsi (Ukrainian: Дунаївці, Russian: Дунаевцы, Polish: Dunajowce) is the capital city of Dunaivtsi Raion, Khmelnytskyi Oblast (province), Ukraine. The city is located on the river Ternavka, 22 km away from the railway station Dunaivtsi and 68 km…

  • Dnipro (Kiev Metro)

    Dnipro (Ukrainian: Днiпро) is a station on the Kiev Metro's Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line). Named after the Dnieper River, the station consists of a semi-estacade over the embankment highway, and then continues across the river as part of the Metro B…

  • Chorna River (Crimea)

    The Chorna, Chornaya or Chorhun River (Ukrainian: Чорна, Chorna, Russian: Чёрная, Crimean Tatar: Çorğun), which translates from the Ukrainian and Russian as "Black River", is a small river in Crimea.

  • Besarabsky Market

    The Besarabsky Market (Ukrainian: Бесарабський ринок, Besarabs'kyi rynok), also referred to as the Besarabka (Ukrainian: Бесарабка), is an indoor market located in the center of Kiev on the Bessarabska Square at the southwest end of the city's main …

  • Belgorod Kievsky

    Bilhorod Kyivsky (Ukrainian: Білгород Київський; Russian: Белгород Киевский, Belgorod Kievsky) was a city-castle of Kievan Rus' on the right bank of Irpin River. The city was quite prominent in the 10th-12th centuries but ceased to exist after 1240 …

  • Battle of Podhajce (1667)

    The Battle of Podhajce (October 6–16, 1667) was fought in the town of Podhajce in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (nowadays Pidhaitsi, western Ukraine), and the area surrounding it as part of the Polish-Tartar War and the Great Turkish War.

  • Zdolbuniv

    Zdolbuniv (Ukrainian: Здолбунів, Russian: Здолбунов, Polish: Zdołbunów) is a small city in the Rivne Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Zdolbuniv Raion (district), and has an important railway station and ce…