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  • Trinidad and Tobago

    Trinidad and Tobago /ˌtrɪnɨdæd ənd tɵˈbɡ/, officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is a twin island country off the northern edge of South America, lying just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Ant…

  • Trinidad

    Trinidad (Spanish: "Trinity") is the larger and more populous of the two major islands and numerous landforms which make up the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The island lies just 11 km (6.8 mi) off the northeastern coast of Venezuela and sit…

  • West Indies Federation

    The West Indies Federation, also known as the Federation of the West Indies, was a short-lived political union that existed from 3 January 1958 to 31 May 1962. Various islands in the Caribbean that were colonies of the United Kingdom, including Trin…

  • Tobago

    Tobago /təˈbɡ/ is the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located in the southern Caribbean, northeast of the island of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. The island lies outside the hurricane …

  • Piarco International Airport

    Piarco International Airport (IATA: POS, ICAO: TTPP), is one of two international airports serving Trinidad and Tobago, the other being A.N.R. Robinson International Airport in Tobago. The airport is located in Piarco, a town 30 kilometres east of t…

  • Pitch Lake

    The Pitch Lake is the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world, located at La Brea in southwest Trinidad, within the Siparia Regional Corporation.

  • Geography of Trinidad and Tobago

    Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic republic in the southern Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela. They are southeasterly islands of the Lesser Antilles, Monos, Huevos, Gaspar Grande (or Gaspare…

  • University of Trinidad and Tobago

    The University of Trinidad and Tobago, also known as UTT, is a state owned university in Trinidad and Tobago established in 2004. Its main campus, currently under construction, will be located at Wallerfield in Trinidad.

  • Chaguaramas, Trinidad

    Chaguaramas lies in the North West Peninsula of Trinidad west of Port of Spain; the name is often applied to the entire peninsula, but is sometimes used to refer to the most developed area.

  • Couva

    Couva is a town (c. 21,000 in 2000 census) in west-central Trinidad, south of Chaguanas and north of Claxton Bay and San Fernando. It is the primary urban and commercial centre for the Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo Regional Corporation, and the Greater Co…

  • Chacachacare

    Chacachacare is an abandoned island in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago located at 10° 41' north latitude and 61° 45' west longitude. The island is 3.642 km² (900 acres) in area. It is one of the Bocas Islands, which lie in the Bocas del Dragón (…

  • Nariva Swamp

    The Nariva Swamp is the largest freshwater wetland in Trinidad and Tobago and has been designated a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.

  • Queen's Park Savannah

    Queen's Park Savannah is a park in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Known colloquially simply as "the Savannah," it is Port of Spain's largest open space—and the world's largest traffic roundabout. It occupies about 260 acres (110 ha) of level la…

  • Huevos

    Huevos (Spanish: Eggs) is an island in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The island is 1.01 km² (253 acres) in area.

  • Falcón

    Falcón State (Spanish: Estado Falcón, IPA: [esˈtaðo falˈkon]) is one of the 23 states (estados) that constitute Venezuela.

  • Pigeon Point, Tobago

    Pigeon Point is also known as Pigeon Point Heritage Park (PPHP) and is often considered Tobago’s most beautiful beach and is home to the famous thatch-roofed jetty which has become an internationally recognised signature of Tobago. The resort includ…

  • Diego Martin

    Diego Martin is an urban commercial center and capital city of the Diego Martin Region. Its location in the region is just on the south eastern border of Diego Martin Region, West of the capital city of Port of Spain and east of the town of Carenage…

  • Delta Amacuro

    Delta Amacuro State (Spanish: Estado Delta Amacuro, IPA: [esˈtaðo ˈðelta amaˈkuɾo]) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela, and is the location of the Orinoco Delta. The Paria Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean are found to the north, Bolívar State is found …

  • Hasely Crawford Stadium

    The Hasely Crawford Stadium, located in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, is named after Hasely Crawford, the first person from Trinidad and Tobago to win an Olympic gold medal.

  • Penal

    Peneral (originally Peñeraal of a Spanish origin) is a town in south Trinidad and Tobago. It lies south of San Fernando and Debe, and north of Siparia. It was originally a rice and cocoa producing area but is now a rapidly expanding and developing t…

  • Siparia

    Siparia is a town in southern Trinidad, in Trinidad and Tobago, south of Penal and southeast of Fyzabad. Also called "The Sand City", it was originally a non-Mission Amerindian settlement. Siparia grew to be the administrative centre for Saint Patri…

  • Fyzabad

    Fyzabad (Hindi: फ़ैज़ाबाद, Urdu: فیض آباد) is a town in southwestern Trinidad, 13 km (8.1 mi) south of San Fernando, west of Siparia and northeast of Point Fortin. It is named after the town of Faizabad in India.

  • Toco

    Toco is the most northeasterly village on the island of Trinidad in the County of Saint David at the point where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Tobago lies only some 35 kilometers to the northeast which renders Toco the closest point…

  • Northern Range

    The Northern Range is the range of tall hills across north Trinidad, the major island in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The hills range from the Chaguaramas peninsula on the west coast to Toco in the east.

  • Piarco

    Piarco, a town in northern Trinidad, is the site of Piarco International Airport (IATA Airport Code: POS). It also includes the village of St. Helena. Piarco is the site of one of the few natural savannas in Trinidad and Tobago, the Piarco Savanna.

  • Pointe-à-Pierre

    Pointe-à-Pierre (/ˌpɔɪntəˈpɪər/ point-ah-PEER) is a town in Trinidad and Tobago. It lies north of San Fernando and south of Claxton Bay.

  • Marabella

    Marabella is a former town in southern Trinidad, between San Fernando (to the south) and Pointe-à-Pierre (to the north).