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  • Novoanninsky (town)

    Novoanninsky (Russian: Новоа́ннинский) is a town and the administrative center of Novoanninsky District in Volgograd Oblast, Russia, located on the Buzuluk River (Don's basin), 254 kilometers (158 mi) northwest of Volgograd, the administrative cente…

  • Nevel (town)

    Nevel (Russian: Не́вель) is a town and the administrative center of Nevelsky District in Pskov Oblast, Russia, located on Lake Nevel 242 kilometers (150 mi) southeast of Pskov, the administrative center of the oblast.

  • Ipatovo, Stavropol Krai

    Ipatovo (Russian: Ипа́тово) is a town and the administrative center of Ipatovsky District in Stavropol Krai, Russia, located on the Kalaus River about 120 kilometers (75 mi) northeast of Stavropol, the administrative center of the krai.

  • Insar, Insarsky District, Republic of Mordovia

    Insar (Russian: Инса́р; Moksha: Инзара) is a town and the administrative center of Insarsky District of the Republic of Mordovia, Russia, located 77 kilometers (48 mi) southwest of the republic's capital of Saransk at the confluence of the Issa and …

  • Catholic Church of St. Catherine (Saint Petersburg)

    The Catholic Church of St Catherine (Russian: Католическая церковь Святой Екатерины) in St. Petersburg is the oldest Catholic church in the Russian Federation, and the only church with the title of basilica (status granted on 23 July 2013). It is lo…

  • Moscow Yaroslavskaya railway station

    Yaroslavsky railway terminal (Russian: Яросла́вский вокза́л, Yaroslavsky vokzal) also known as Moscow Yaroslavskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Яросла́вская, Moskva-Yaroslavskaya) is one of the nine main railway stations in Moscow, situated on…

  • Moscow Savyolovskaya railway station

    Savyolovsky station (Russian: Савёловский вокза́л, Savyolovsky vokzal), alternatively spelled Savyolovskiy, Savelovsky or Savelovskiy, is one of the nine main railway stations in the Maryina roshcha District of Moscow. It serves suburban directions …

  • Moscow Rizhskaya railway station

    Rizhsky station (Russian: Рижский вокзал, Rizhsky vokzal, Riga station) is one of the nine main railway stations in Moscow, Russia. It was built in 1901. As well as being an active station it also houses the Moscow Railway Museum.

  • Moscow Paveletskaya railway station

    Paveletsky station (Павелецкий вокзал) is one of Moscow's nine main railway stations. Originally called Saratovsky Railway Station, it was named after the settlement of Pavelets, when the railroad heading south-east from Moscow reached that point in…

  • Moskovsky railway terminal (Saint Petersburg)

    Moskovsky railway terminal (Russian: Моско́вский вокза́л, Moskovsky vokzal), also called Moscow station, with an easily recognizable Neo-Renaissance frontage on Nevsky Prospekt and Uprising Square, is a railway terminal in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • Moscow Passazhirskaya railway station

    Leningradsky railway terminal (Russian: Ленингра́дский вокза́л, Leningradsky vokzal) also known as Moscow Passazhirskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Пассажи́рская, Moskva-Passazhirskaya) is the oldest of Moscow's nine railway terminals. Situat…

  • Moscow Kurskaya railway station

    Kursky railway terminal (Russian: Ку́рский вокза́л, Kursky vokzal) also known as Moscow Kurskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Ку́рская, Moskva-Kurskaya) is one of the nine railway terminals in Moscow. It was built in 1896. There are currently p…

  • Moscow Kiyevskaya railway station

    Kiyevsky railway terminal (Russian: Ки́евский вокза́л, Kievskiy vokzal) also known as Moscow Kiyevskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Ки́евская, Moskva-Kievskaya) is one of the nine railway terminals of Moscow, Russia. It is the only railway sta…

  • Moscow Kazanskaya railway station

    Kazansky railway terminal (Russian: Каза́нский вокза́л, Kazansky vokzal) also known as Moscow Kazanskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Каза́нская, Moskva-Kazanskaya) is one of nine railway terminals in Moscow, situated on the Komsomolskaya Squar…

  • Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg

    Kazan Cathedral or Kazanskiy Kafedralniy Sobor (Russian: Каза́нский кафедра́льный собо́р), also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, is a cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church on the Nevsky Prospekt in Saint Petersburg.

  • Ipatievsky Monastery

    The Ipatiev Monastery (Ипатьевский монастырь in Russian)—sometimes translated into English as Hypatian Monastery—is a male monastery, situated on the bank of the Kostroma River just opposite the city of Kostroma.

  • Kideksha Church

    The Church of Boris and Gleb is a church built in 1152, on the orders of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, in Kideksha on the Nerl River, "where the encampment of Saint Boris had been"[1].

  • Moscow Smolenskaya railway station

    Belorussky railway terminal (Russian: Белору́сский вокза́л, IPA: [bʲɛlaˈruskʲɪj vɐɡˈzɑl]) also known as Moscow Smolenskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Смоле́нская, Moskva-Smolenskaya) is one of nine railway terminals of Moscow.