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  • Kretzulescu Church

    Kretzulescu Church (Romanian: Biserica Kretzulescu or Crețulescu) is an Eastern Orthodox church in central Bucharest, Romania. Built in the Brâncovenesc style, it is located on Calea Victoriei, nr.

  • Jidvei

    Jidvei (Romanian pronunciation: [ʒidˈvej], Hungarian: Zsidve, German: Seiden) is a commune in Alba county, Romania, located on the Târnava River. Jidvei is located in the north-western part of Romania, in the Transylvanian plateau. Jidvei was first …

  • Ieud

    Ieud (Hungarian: Jód, Yiddish: יועד) is a commune in Maramureș County in northern Romania. The commune is situated in the central part of Maramureș County, on the banks of the Ieudișor, a tributary of the Iza River.

  • Hodod

    Hodod (Hungarian: Hadad, Hungarian pronunciation: [hɒdɒd]; German: Kriegsdorf) is a commune of 3,209 inhabitants situated in Satu Mare County, Romania.

  • Halmyris

    Halmyris was a Roman legionary base and naval port for 600 years, located at the mouth of the Danube Delta in Romania.

  • Ghimeș-Făget

    Ghimeş-Făget (Hungarian: Gyimesbükk, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈɟimɛʃbykk] or sometimes Nagy-Gyimes) is a commune in Bacău County, Romania.

  • Feldioara

    Feldioara (German: Marienburg; Hungarian: Földvár or Barcaföldvár) is a Romanian commune located in Transylvania, very close to Brașov (about 10 miles or 15 kilometers).

  • Euro Tower

    Euro Tower is a class A office building and the first Green building in Bucharest. It has 18 floors and a surface of 18,000 m2.

  • Danube–Tisa–Danube Canal

    Danube–Tisa–Danube Canal (DTD) (Serbian: Kanal Dunav-Tisa-Dunav/ Канал Дунав-Тиса-Дунав) is a unique hydro-engineering system for flood control and hydrotechnical, amelioration forestry, water supply, waste water evacuation, navigation, tourism, fis…

  • City Gate Towers

    City Gate Towers (Romanian: Turnurile "Porţile Oraşului") are two class A office buildings located in Bucharest, Romania. The project consists of two 18 floor buildings with a surface of 36,000 m2 (18,000 m2 each).

  • Cernica

    Cernica is a commune in the southeast part of Ilfov County, Romania, with a population of 9,425 as of 2002. It is composed of five villages: Bălăceanca, Căldăraru, Cernica, Poşta and Tânganu, several villages on the bank of lake Cernica. The commune…

  • Băneasa, Bucharest

    Băneasa (Romanian pronunciation: [bəˈne̯asa]) is a borough (Romanian: cartier) in the north side of Bucharest, near the Băneasa Lake (0.45 km²). Like all north-side districts of Bucharest, it is relatively sparsely populated, with large areas of par…

  • Biharia

    Biharia (Hungarian: Bihar) is a commune in Bihor County, northwestern Romania. It is composed of two villages, Biharia and Cauaceu (Hegyközkovácsi).

  • Banatska Palanka

    Banatska Palanka (Serbian Cyrillic: Банатска Паланка) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Bela Crkva municipality, South Banat District, Vojvodina province.

  • Aydemir

    Aydemir (Bulgarian: Айдемир, also Aidemir, Ajdemir) is a village in northeastern Bulgaria, part of Silistra Municipality, Silistra Province. As of 2007, it is the most populous village in Bulgaria, with a population of 7,815 according to 2005 data. …

  • Ardud

    Ardud (Hungarian: Erdőd, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈɛrdøːd]; German: Erdeed) is a town situated in Satu Mare County, Transylvania, Romania.