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  • Mont Orohena

    Mont Orohena is a mountain located in the South Pacific, on the island of Tahiti. With an elevation of 2,241 metres (7,352 ft) above sea level, it is the highest point of French Polynesia.

  • Tikehau Airport

    Tikehau Airport is an airport on Tikehau atoll in French Polynesia (IATA: TIH, ICAO: NTGC). The airport is located 1 km southeast of Tuherahera. It was inaugurated in 1977. In 2009, 41,817 passengers transited through Tikehau.

  • Maiao

    Mai'ao is an 8.8 km2 (3.4 sq mi) island formation located 78 km (48 mi) southwest of Mo'orea and one of the Windward Islands (French: Îles du Vent) in French Polynesia.

  • Hatutu

    Hatutu (also called Hatuta‘a) is a small island approximately 3 km (2 mi.) northeast of Eiao in the northern Marquesas Islands.

  • Tūpai

    Tūpai, also called Motu Iti, is a low-lying atoll in Society Islands, French Polynesia. It lies 19 km to the north of Bora Bora and belongs to the Leeward Islands (Iles sous le Vent). This small atoll is only 11 km² in area. Its broad coral reef enc…

  • Moorea Airport

    Moorea Airport (French: Aéroport de Moorea) (IATA: MOZ, ICAO: NTTM) is an airport serving the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. It is also known as Temae Airport or Moorea Temae Airport for its location near the village of Temae in northeastern …

  • Mataiva

    Mataiva (meaning "Nine Eyes" in Tuamotuan), Tepoetiriura ("Sparkling Pearl") or Lazarev atoll is a coral atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago. It is located in the Palliser group, and is the westernmost of the Tuamotus. The nearest atoll, Tikehau, is lo…

  • Manuae (Society Islands)

    The atoll of Manua'e, also known as Scilly, is located approximately 60 km (37 mi) to the northwest of Maupiha'a (aka Mopelia) and 255 km (158 mi) to the west of Maupiti. It is the westernmost of the Society Islands' Leeward Islands, located 217 mi.…

  • Nukutepipi

    Nukutepipi, or Nuku-te-pipi is an atoll in French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Duke of Gloucester Islands, a subgroup of the Tuamotu group.

  • Fatu Huku

    Fatu Huku, also known as Fatu Uku, is a small island in the Marquesas Islands, approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of Hiva Oa.

  • Îles Tuamotu-Gambier

    The Îles Tuamotu-Gambier (French: Îles Tuamotu-Gambier or Archipels des Tuamotu et des Gambier or Archipel des Tuamotu-Gambier or Tuamotu-Gambier or officially subdivision administrative des (Îles) Tuamotu-Gambier) geographically consist of the Tuam…

  • Manihi

    Manihi, or Paeua, is a coral atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago, part of French Polynesia. It is one of the northernmost of the Tuamotus, located in the King George subgroup. The closest land to Manihi is Ahe Atoll, located 14 km to the west.

  • Raiatea Airport

    Raiatea Airport (also known as Uturoa Airport) is an airport on Raiatea, French Polynesia (IATA: RFP, ICAO: NTTR). It is in the village of Uturoa.

  • Apataki

    Apataki is a coral atoll in the South Pacific Ocean, territorially part of French Polynesia. It is one of the Palliser Islands, a subgroup of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Apataki is located approximately 370 kilometres (230 miles) northeast of the islan…

  • Tiputa Pass

    Tiputa Pass is a strait in the northwest portion of Rangiroa lagoon in the Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia, joining the lagoon to the open ocean. There are only two such passes in Rangiroa, the second one being Avatoru Pass. Tiputa Pass separate…

  • Tautira

    Tautira is a Polynesian beach village, valley, and point on the south-east coast of the island of Tahiti in the Pacific. It is part of the commune Taiarapu-Est. With a population of 2338 (in 2007), it is located 49 kilometres southeast of the Tahiti…

  • Tauere

    Tauere Atoll or Taouere, also known as Te Putua, is a small atoll of the central Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia.

  • Taiaro

    Taiaro, or Maro-taua, is a small atoll in the west of the Tuamotu group in French Polynesia. It is one of the smallest of the Tuamotu atolls.