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  • Capurganá

    Capurganá is a tourist destination of the municipality of Acandí on the northwestern coast of the Gulf of Urabá in the Colombian department of Choco and adjacent to the border between Colombia and Panama. This region of Colombia was inhabited by the…

  • Taborcillo

    Isla Taborcillo (a.k.a. John Wayne Island) is a small private island off the coast of Panama which was once owned by American film actor John Wayne.

  • Palacio de las Garzas

    The Palacio de las Garzas (Herons' Palace) is the governmental office and residence of the President of Panama. It receives its name because of herons roamming freely in the courtyard.

  • Colón Island

    Colón Island (Spanish: Isla Colón) is the northernmost and main island in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago located in Bocas del Toro Province, Panama.

  • Cahuita National Park

    Cahuita National Park is a 2,711-acre (1,097-ha) national park in the Caribbean La Amistad Conservation Area of Costa Rica located on the southern Caribbean coast in Limón Province, connected to the town of Cahuita. It protects beaches and lowlands …

  • USS S-26 (SS-131)

    USS S-26 (SS-131) was an S-class submarine of the United States Navy. Her keel was laid down on 7 November 1919 by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation of Quincy, Massachusetts. She launched on 22 August 1922 sponsored by Mrs. Carlos Bean, and com…

  • Changuinola

    Changuinola is a city in the Bocas del Toro Province of Panama. Changuinola is the capital of the Changuinola District and home to 25,099 people. The city attracts tourists as a popular gateway to Bocas del Toro. Almirante and Chiriqui Grande are al…

  • Las Tablas, Los Santos

    Las Tablas is the capital of the Panamanian province of Los Santos. It is located a few kilometers inland from the Gulf of Panama on the Azuero Peninsula. Las Tablas is a recognized national center of Panamanian folk: Art, music, gastronomy, archite…

  • La Palma, Darién

    La Palma is located at the mouth of the Río Tuira, where the wide river meets the Golfo de San Miguel. The Chucunaque joins the Tuira farther south. La Palma is the provincial capital of Darién Province and the most populous town in the region. Howe…

  • Isla Escudo de Veraguas

    Isla Escudo de Veraguas is a small (4.3 km2) isolated Caribbean island of the Republic of Panama. Despite its name, it is not part of the province of Veraguas, but rather Bocas del Toro. Although located only 17 km from the coastline in the Golfo de…

  • Gatún

    Gatun (Spanish: Gatún) is a small town on the Atlantic Side of the Panama Canal, located south of the city of Colón at the point in which Gatun Lake meets the channel to the Caribbean Sea.

  • Aguadulce

    Aguadulce is a municipality in Seville. In 2005, it had a population of 1,993. It has an area of 13.98 square kilometers and has a population density of 142.4 people per square kilometer.

  • Pedasí township, Los Santos

    Pedasí (Spanish pronunciation: [peðaˈsi]) is a town situated on the south-eastern tip of the Azuero Peninsula on Panama’s Pacific coast. It is located in the Pedasí District, in the Los Santos province.

  • Isla del Rey (Panama)

    Isla del Rey is the largest island in the Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama. It has an area of 234 km², and a population of 1,676 (census 2000). Its current name is probably more a reference to Christ the King than to a secular king. There are fou…

  • Golfo de los Mosquitos

    Mosquito Gulf (Spanish: Golfo de los Mosquitos) is a gulf on the north coast of Panama, extending from the Valiente Peninsula in Bocas del Toro, past the north coast of Veraguas to the province of Colón, Panama.

  • Florida State University-Panama

    Florida State University-Panama, or FSU-Panama is an international branch campus of Florida State University located on the isthmus of Panama. FSU has operating a broad curriculum program in Panama City of the Republic of Panama for over 50 years. T…

  • Bay of San Miguel

    The Bay of San Miguel (Spanish: Golfo de San Miguel) is located on the Pacific coast of Darién, a district of eastern Panama. The bay is located at (8.3194444°N 78.3086111°W). It is fed by the Tuira River. At its southern end is Cape Garachiné (also…

  • Santa Fe, Veraguas

    Santa Fe is the name of the capital of the Santa Fe District in the province of Veraguas in Panama. It has a population of 3200 and lies at an altitude of about 430m.

  • Limon Bay

    Limon Bay (Bahía Limón in the original Spanish) is a natural harbor located at the north end of the Panama Canal, west of the cities of Cristóbal and Colón.

  • Cerro Punta, Chiriquí

    Cerro Punta is a small city in the western highlands of Panama, in the province of Chiriquí. Cerro Punta's altitude is 6,500 feet (2,000 metres) above sea level just south of the Continental Divide. Many of the inhabitants of the village and the sur…

  • Guabito

    Guabito is a town in the Changuinola District of the Bocas del Toro Province of Panama. It is a small town located directly across the Rio Sixaola from Sixaola, Costa Rica. An elevated former railroad grade and bridge connects Guabito to Sixaola. Th…

  • Soledad Miria

    Soledad Miria (in the Kuna language Miria Ubigantupu or more recently Mirya Ubgigandub) is a small Caribbean island of Panama with 1,014 inhabitants. The island is only 700 metres long but is densely populated. At approximately 9:30 pm on December 2…

  • Gatun structure

    The Gatun structure is a possible eroded impact crater. It is named after the nearby Gatun Lake in Panama. It was first discovered in 1972 by geologist Bob Stewart and later studied by Livio L.