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  • Hankø

    Hankø Island is located in the Oslo Fjord, Østfold county, Norway. It used to be the property of the Dano-Norwegian king, the site where the king hunted deer. Later an island of retreat, notable visitors are the Norwegian king, Princess Märtha Louis…

  • Hanekleiv Tunnel

    The Hanekleiv tunnel is a road tunnel in Vestfold, Norway, one of seven along the European route E18 between Sande and Holmestrand. The tunnel became the centre of controversy on 25 December 2006 when part of the roof collapsed, and investigations r…

  • Hanaborg Station

    Hanaborg Station (Norwegian: Hanaborg stasjon) is a railway station on the Trunk Line in Lørenskog, Norway. It is served by the Oslo Commuter Rail line 400 operated by Norwegian State Railways running from Lillestrøm via Oslo S to Asker.

  • Hamnesfjord

    Hamnesfjord or Hamnesfjorden is a fjord in Surnadal Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The 9-kilometre (5.6 mi) long fjord begins at the mouth of the Bøvra river at the village of Bøverfjorden, just east of the village of Åsskard, about…

  • Hamburgbukta

    Hamburgbukta (English: Hamburg Bay) is a one-kilometer-long bay on the western side of Hoelhalvøya, Albert I Land, Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago.

  • Halden Station

    Halden Station (Norwegian: Halden stasjon) is a railway station located in downtown Halden in Østfold, Norway, located on the Østfold Line. The station is served by Norwegian State Railways InterCity Express on an hourly or semi-hourly service from …

  • Halden Canal

    The Halden Canal near Halden, Norway begun construction in 1852. The canal allows boats to travel parallel to the Swedish border of 75 km from Tistedal to Skulerud. Engebret Soot (1786 - 1859) was responsible for this canal, as well as the earlier S…

  • Hakavik Power Station

    Hakavik Power Station is a hydroelectric power plant in Øvre Eiker, Norway with a power of 7 MW inaugurated in 1922. It generates only single phase AC for railway purpose and is the startpoint of a 55 kV- single phase AC powerline for traction curre…

  • Haga Station

    Haga Station (Norwegian: Haga stasjon) is a railway station located in Haga in Nes, Norway on the Kongsvinger Line. The station was built in 1862 as part of the Kongsvinger Line.

  • Hadselfjord

    Hadselfjorden or Hadselfjord is a fjord (or more accurately a strait) in Vesterålen, Norway. The fjord is separates the island of Hadseløya (on the north and west side of the fjord) from the islands of Austvågøya and Hinnøya island (on the south and…

  • Gyland Station

    Gyland Station (Norwegian: Gyland stasjon) is a railway station located at the village of Gyland in Flekkefjord, Norway on the Sørlandet Line.

  • Gulskogen Station

    Gulskogen Station (Norwegian: Gulskogen stasjon) is located in the village of Gulskogen in Drammen, Norway on the Sørlandet Line, on a section previously regarded as the Randsfjorden Line.

  • Gullesfjorden

    Gullesfjorden is a fjord that cuts into the island of Hinnøya in Troms county, Norway. It is located within the municipality of Kvæfjord.

  • Gullaug

    Gullaug is an unincorporated village located between Lierbyen, Røyken and Drammen, in Buskerud County, Norway.

  • Grønsvik coastal battery

    Grønsvik coastal artillery battery (HKB 16/974 Grönsviken) at Helgeland in Norway, was a German army coastal artillery battery, built between 1942 and 1945 as one of ten coastal batteries in Artillery group Sandnessjöen (Heeres-Küsten-Artillerie-Reg…

  • Grønnlifjell Tunnel

    Grønnlifjell Tunnel (Norwegian: Grønnlifjelltunnelen) is a road tunnel that is part of Norwegian County Road 830 in the municipality of Fauske in Nordland county, Norway. It is located between Finneid in the town of Fauske and the village of Sulitje…

  • Grønfjorden

    Grønfjorden (English: Green Fjord or Green Harbour) is a 16km long fjord, separated from Isfjorden to the north by Festningsodden in the west and Heerodden in the east. It lies within the western portion of Nordenskiöld Land.