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  • Assaba Region

    Assaba (Arabic: ولاية العصابة‎) is a region in southern Mauritania, covering an area of 36,600 square km. It had a population of 325,897 at the 2013 Census. Its capital is Kifa. Other major cities/towns include Guerou. The region borders the Maurita…

  • Sélibaby

    Sélibaby is a capital town and department of the Guidimaka Region, Mauritania. It is located at around (15°9′33″N12°11′00″W). It is divided into a number of "quartiers" which include "College", "Silo", 'Ferlo" and "Bambaradougou" amongst many other…

  • Inchiri Region

    Inchiri (Arabic: ولاية إينشيري‎) is a region in western Mauritania. Its capital is Akjoujt. It borders the regions of Adrar to the east, Trarza to the south, and Dakhlet Nouadhibou to the north and west, along with a short Atlantic Ocean coastline. …

  • Boutilimit

    Boutilimit (Arabic: بوتلميت‎) lies 164 km south east of Mauritania's capital of Nouakchott. The town has been an important center of religious scholarship and training since its founding by an Islamic mystic and scholar in the 19th Century. Although…

  • Tidjikja

    Tidjikja (Arabic: تجكجة‎) is the capital of the Tagant region of central Mauritania, lying on the Tagant plateau.

  • Chinguetti Mosque

    The Chinguetti Mosque is a mosque in Chinguetti, Mauritania. It was an ancient center of worship created by the founders of the oasis city of Chinguetti in the Adrar region of Mauritania in the thirteenth or fourteenth century.

  • Ben Amera

    Ben Amera is the world's third largest monolith behind mount Augustus and Uluru, both in Australia. It is located in Mauritania, close to the border with Western Sahara.

  • Ayoun el Atrous

    Ayoun al Atrous (also known as Aioun el Atrouss) (Arabic: عيون العتروس‎) is a town in southern Mauritania. It is located at around (16°40′0″N9°37′0″W). It is the capital of Hodh El Gharbi region. The city is served by the Aioun el Atrouss Airport, …

  • Terjit

    Terjit is an oasis (in the proper sense: a well in a dry area), popular with Mauritania's few tourists. It nestles in a cut on the edge of an arid plateau, and stretches a few hundred metres alongside a stream that emerges from the rock. There is a …

  • Sebkha de Ndrhamcha

    The Sebkha de Ndrhamcha is a large salt pan in Mauritania that is about 25 miles in diameter. The Atlantic Ocean borders it to the west, and the Sahara Desert lies directly to its east.

  • Mbagne

    Mbagne is a town and commune in the Brakna Region of southern Mauritania, very close to the border with Senegal.Mbagne has a high unemployment rate and an unstable agriculture system, according to the OECD.

  • Aioun el Atrouss Airport

    Aioun el Atrouss Airport (IATA: AEO, ICAO: GQNA) is an airport serving Aioun el Atrouss (also known as Ayoun al Atrous), a town in southern Mauritania and the capital of the Hodh El Gharbi region.