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  • Latvijas Radio

    Latvijas Radio (Radio Latvia; shortened as LR) is a public service broadcasting network of Latvia. The organisation was founded 1 November 1925, and is situated in the Latvian capital of Riga.

  • St. James's Cathedral, Riga

    St. James's Cathedral, or the Cathedral Basilica of St. James, (German: Jakobskirche, Latvian: Svētā Jēkaba katedrāle) is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Riga in Latvia. The cathedral is dedicated to Saint James the Greater. The building is part of …

  • Selonia

    Selonia (Latvian: Sēlija; Lithuanian: Sėla), also known as Augšzeme (the "Highland"), is a cultural region of Latvia encompassing the eastern part of the historical region of Semigallia (Latvian: Zemgale). Its main city and cultural center is Jēkabp…

  • Bishopric of Courland

    The Bishopric of Courland (Latin: Episcopatus Curoniensis, Low German: Bisdom Curland) was the second smallest (4500 km2) ecclesiastical state in the Livonian Confederation founded in the aftermath of the Livonian Crusade.

  • Ādaži

    Ādaži ([ˈaː.da.ʒi]) (formerly German: Neuermühlen) is a village in the historical region of Vidzeme, the Riga Planning Region in Latvia, and the centre of Ādaži Municipality.

  • Venta Rapid

    Venta Rapid (Latvian: Ventas rumba) is a rapid on the Venta River in Kuldīga, Latvia. It is the widest rapid in Europe – 249 metres (817 ft) and up to 270 metres (886 ft) during spring floods. Its height is 1.80–2.20 metres (5.9–7.2 ft) and it chang…

  • Spilve Airport

    Spilve Airport (Latvian: Spilves lidosta, also given as Rīgas Centrālā Lidosta – Riga Central Airport) is a former civilian and military airport in Latvia located 5 km north of Riga city centre, from which aircraft took off as early as the First Wor…

  • Riga International Coach Terminal

    Riga International Coach Terminal (Latvian: Rīgas Starptautiskā autoosta) is a bus station in Riga, Latvia, for both domestic and international bus lines. The terminal is situated at the address 1 Prāgas iela, right next to the Riga Central Railway …

  • Vanšu Bridge

    The Vanšu Bridge (Latvian: Vanšu tilts) in Riga is a cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Daugava river in Riga, the capital of Latvia. It is one of five bridges crossing the Daugava in Riga; it is 595 meters long, it was built during the Soviet per…

  • Three Brothers, Riga

    The Three Brothers (Latvian: Trīs brāļi) is a building complex consisting of three houses, situated in Riga, Latvia. The houses together form the oldest complex of dwelling houses in Riga.

  • Mežaparks

    Mežaparks (German: Kaiserwald) is a neighbourhood of Northern District in Riga, the capital of Latvia. It's located on the western shore of Lake Ķīšezers. The name is literally translated as "forest park". The park was built in the early 20th centur…

  • Cēsis Castle

    Cēsis Castle (German: Wenden) is a Livonian castle situated in Cēsis, Latvia. Its ruins are some of the most impressive castle ruins in the Baltic states. Once the most important castle of the Livonian Order, it was the official residence for the ma…

  • Sigulda Castle

    Sigulda Castle also known as Sigulda New Castle (Latvian: Siguldas jaunā pils). Built in 1878 in the Neo-Gothic style as the living house for the owners of the manor, the Kropotkin family. The building has changed its owners and functions several ti…

  • Koknese

    Koknese ( pronunciation ) is a historic town in Latvia, the administrative centre of Koknese municipality on the right bank of the Daugava River.

  • Bauska Castle

    Bauska Castle (Latvian: Bauskas Pils; German: Schloss Bauske) is a complex consisting of the ruins of an earlier castle and a later palace on the outskirts of the Latvian city of Bauska.

  • Daugava Stadium (Riga)

    Daugava Stadium is a multifunctional stadium in Riga, Latvia, which was opened in 1958. It holds football and athletics competitions. Since 1992 Daugava stadium has a Latvian national sports-based status. Before July 1990 the total capacity of the s…

  • Victory Memorial to Soviet Army

    The Victory Memorial to Soviet Army (Latvian: Padomju Latvijas un Rīgas atbrīvotājiem no vācu fašistiskajiem iebrucējiem, "Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German Fascist Invaders") in Riga, Latvia was erected in 1985 to…

  • Jungfernhof concentration camp

    The Jungfernhof concentration camp was an improvised concentration camp in Latvia, at the Mazjumprava Manor, near the Šķirotava Railway Station about three or four kilometers from Riga (now within the city territory).

  • Daugavgrīva

    Daugavgrīva (German: Dünamünde; Polish: Dynemunt; Russian: Усть-Двинск or Ust`-Dvinsk) is a neighbourhood in North West Riga, Latvia on the left bank of Daugava river.

  • Brothers' Cemetery

    The Brothers' Cemetery or Cemetery of the Brethren (Latvian: Brāļu Kapi), also sometimes referred to in English as the Common Graves or simply as the Military Cemetery, is a military cemetery and national monument in Riga, capital of Latvia.

  • Riga Zoo

    Riga Zoo is a city-owned zoo in Riga, Latvia. It is located in Mežaparks, on the western bank of Ķīšezers lake. Riga Zoo houses around 4000 animals of nearly 500 species and is visited by 250-300,000 visitors annually.

  • Lielvārde Air Base

    Lielvārde (ICAO: EVGA) is a military air base in Latvia located 7 kilometres (4 mi) north of Lielvārde and southeast of Riga. It was built in 1969 for an attack aircraft regiment.

  • Latvian National Museum of Art

    The Latvian National Museum of Art (Latvian: Latvijas Nacionālais mākslas muzejs) is the richest collection of national art in Latvia. It houses more than 52,000 works of art reflecting the development of professional art in the Baltic area and in L…