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  • Ministry of Communications (Iceland)

    The Icelandic Ministry of Communications (Icelandic: Samgönguráðuneytið) was a cabinet-level ministry responsible for transport by land, sea and air, as well as telecommunications and postal services. Since September 2010, the minister had been Ögmu…

  • Ministry of Business Affairs (Iceland)

    The Icelandic Ministry of Business Affairs (Icelandic: Viðskiptaráðuneytið), also translated as the Ministry of Commerce or Ministry of Trade, is a government ministry established on 24 May 2007, when it was split off from the Ministry of Industry a…

  • Jökulfirðir

    The Jökulfirðir ("glacier fjords") form a system of five fjords in Westfjords, Iceland, situated north of Ísafjarðardjúp and south of the Hornstrandir peninsula. They are named for Drangajökull, a glacier situated to the southeast of the fjords.

  • Hrafnagil

    Hrafnagil (also known as Reykárhverfi) is a small village in Eyjafjarðarsveit, northern Iceland, which in January 2008 had 206 inhabitants.

  • House of commerce

    The House of commerce, (Icelandic: Hús verslunarinnar) is an office tower located at Kringlan 7 near Kringlan shopping mall in Reykjavík, Iceland.

  • Hofsá

    Hofsá river in Vopnafjörður fjord, Iceland, is one of Iceland's best salmon rivers. Every year a great number of foreign visitors come to fish in the river.

  • Hoffell

    Hoffell is an area and a farmland in southeast Iceland. It is characterised by a large outlet glacier, Hoffellsjökull, and gabbro rock, which originally formed deep in the earth‘s crust but is now visible due to uplift of the area and glacial erosio…

  • Flateyjardalur

    Flateyjardalur is a deserted valley in northern Iceland, on the Flateyjarskagi peninsula. The valley stretches north from the Fnjóskadalur valley all the way north to Skjálfandi bay. Flateyjardalur is named after the island of Flatey, which lies jus…

  • Brúará

    The Brúará is a river of Iceland. It is fed by springs and discharges at the Rotarsandur Area and the Brúará Canyons.

  • Brú

    Brú is a farmstead and road junction in northwestern Iceland in Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla county. It is located in the Northwest Political constituency. It has a filling station and a guesthouse.

  • Brandur

    Brandur is an island in the Vestmann Islands, south of Iceland. The name of the island derives from an ancient Icelandic tale about a cat named Brandur, that swam its way to the island from one of the adjacent islands.

  • Askja (building)

    Askja is a building on the campus of the University of Iceland, and named after the volcano Askja. It houses primarily the departments of biology and geosciences.

  • Akurey

    Akurey is a small island near the coast of Reykjavík. The earliest sources on the island are from 1379 when it belonged to the Víkurkirkja. The city of Reykjavík bought the island in 1969 and has leased it out.

  • Þistilfjörður

    Þistilfjörður (sometime anglicised as Thistilfjördur) is a bay in northeast Iceland, between the Rifstangi and Langanes peninsulas, near the town of Þórshöfn (Thorshofn).

  • Reykjavík Theatre Company

    The Reykjavík Theatre Company (RTC) was founded in 1897 when two existing companies in Reykjavík combined, performing in the then newly built Iðnó (Craftsmens' House). With Indriði Einarsson (1851-1939) as its Director, RTC became the fertile ground…

  • Norðurmýri

    Norðurmýri is a neighborhood of Reykjavík, Iceland. A quiet spot in the middle of town, Norðurmýri has been the home of a number of important artists and scholars.

  • Landakotsskóli

    The Landakot School (Icelandic: Landakotsskóli) is one of the oldest running schools in Iceland, established in 1896. Centered in Reykjavik, the school tries to make itself as homelike as possible.

  • Kolaportið

    Kolaportið is Iceland's only flea market. It takes place indoors close to the harbour of the capital city, Reykjavík. In Kolaportið you can buy everything from old records to liquorice and fermented shark.