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  • Qasr-e Shirin

    Qasr-e Shirin (Kurdish: Qesirî Şîrîn, Persian: قصرشيرين‎; also Romanized as Qaşr-e Shīrīn and Qasr-ī-Shīrīn; also known as Ghasr-ī-shīrīn and Ghasr-shīrīn) is a city in and the capital of Qasr-e Shirin County, Kermanshah Province, Iran.

  • Pardis

    Pardis (Persian: پرديس‎, also Romanized as Pardīs; also known as Shahr-e Jadīd-e Pardīs (Persian: ِشهرِ جدید پردیس), meaning "New City of Pardis") is a city in the Bumehen District of Pardis County, Tehran Province, Iran.

  • Chalus, Iran

    Chalus (Persian: چالوس‎, also Romanized as Chālūs, Chaloos, Chalousse and Chalous) is a city in and the capital of Chalus County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

  • Carpet Museum of Iran

    Located in Tehran, beside Laleh Park, and founded in 1976, the Carpet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian carpets from all over Iran, dating from the 18th century to the present.

  • Bojnord

    Bojnord (Persian: بجنورد) (also spelled Bojnūrd, Bujnūrd, Bojnoord, or Bujnurd.) is the capital city of North Khorasan province, Iran.

  • Sahand

    Sahand (Azerbaijani: Səhənd; Persian : سهند), is a massive, heavily eroded stratovolcano in Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran.

  • Neka

    Neka (Persian: نكا‎, also Romanized as Nekā’ and Nekā; also known as Nīkā; formerly, Nāranj Bāgh) is a city in and the capital of Neka County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

  • Ministry of Energy (Iran)

    Ministry of Energy of Iran (Persian: وزارت نیروVezârat-e Niru), is the main organ of the Government in charge of the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to energy, electricity, water and wastewater services.

  • Malayer

    Malayer (Persian: ملاير‎, also Romanized as Malāyer; formerly Dowlatabad (Persian: دَولَت آباد), also Romanized as Dowlatābād and Daūlatābād) is a city in and capital of Malayer County, Hamadan Province, Iran.

  • Larak Island

    Larak Island (also Lark Island) is an island off the coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf, which has been one of Iran's major oil export points since 1987.The narrowest part of the Strait of Hormuz at distance of 24 miles (39 km) lies between the islan…

  • Ganjnameh

    Ganj Nameh (Persian: گنجنامه‎ literally: Treasure epistle) is an ancient inscription, 5 km southwest of Hamedan, on the side of Alvand Mountain in Iran. The inscription, which has been carved in granite, is composed of two sections. One (on the left…

  • Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni

    Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni (Persian: بندرامام خمینی‎, also Romanized as Bandare Emm Xomeyni; formerly, Bandar Šâhpur) is a city in and the capital of Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni District of Mahshahr County, Khuzestan Province, Iran.

  • Babolsar

    Babolsar (Persian: بابلسر‎, also Romanized as Bābolsar and Bābul Sar; also known as Mashhadsar (Persian: مَشهَدسَر), also Romanized as Mashhad-i-Sar and Meshed-i-Sar) is a city in and the capital of Babolsar County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

  • Toopkhaneh

    Toop Khāneh (Persian: توپخانه‎; which literally means "Cannon House"), also spelt as Tūpkhāneh, is a major town square (Maidan-e Toopkhaneh) and a neighborhood in the south of the central district of the city of Tehran, Iran. It was built in 1867 by…

  • Shahrak-e Gharb

    Shahrak-e Gharb (also called Shahrak-e Qods, Persian: شهرک غرب ‎ literally means "West Town") is a planned town built as a massive project of modern apartment buildings and villas in the north-western part of Tehran, Iran.

  • Rafsanjan

    Rafsanjan (Persian: رفسنجان‎, also Romanized as Rafsanjān and Rafsinjān; also known as Bahrāmābād) is a city in and the capital of Rafsanjan County, Kerman Province, Iran.

  • Quchan

    Quchan (Persian: قوچانQučān  pronounced [quˈtʃɑːn, ɢoˈtʃɒːn]; also Romanized as Qūchān and Quçan; also known as Gochan) is a city in and capital of Quchan County, in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. It is located due south of the border city of Ash…

  • Izeh

    Izeh (Persian: ايذه‎, also Romanized as Īz̄eh; also known as Malāmir, Izaj, and Malemir) is a city in and the capital of Izeh County, Khuzestan Province, Iran.

  • Kashmar

    Kashmar (Persian: کاشمر‎, also Romanized as Kāshmar; formerly ترشیز Torshīz or سلطان‌آباد Soltanabad) is a city in and the capital of Kashmar County, in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. Kashmar is located near the river Sish Taraz in the western part…

  • Kahnuj

    Kahnuj (Persian: كهنوج‎, also Romanized as Kahnūj) is a city in and the capital of Kahnuj County, Kerman Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 38,571, in 8,278 families.

  • Falak-ol-Aflak Castle

    Falak-ol-Aflak Castle (in Persian: دژ شاپورخواستDež-e Shāpūr-Khwāst, in ancient times known as Dežbār as well as Shāpūr-Khwāst) is a castle situated on the top of a large hill with the same name within the city of Khorramabad, the regional capital…

  • Ekbatan

    Ekbatan Town (Persian: شهرک اکباتان - Shahrak e Ekbātān‎), also called Ekbatan Complex, is a planned town built as a project of modern apartment buildings in western part of Tehran, Iran.

  • Behshahr

    Behshahr (Persian: بهشهر‎; formerly Ashraf and Ashraf ol Belād) is a city in and the capital of Behshahr County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. Located on the cost of the Caspian Sea, at the foot of the Alborz, it is approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) …

  • Behbahan

    Behbahan (Persian: بهبهان‎, also Romanized as Behbahān and Behbehān) is a city in and the capital of Behbahan County, Khuzestan Province, Iran.

  • Bandar Torkaman

    Bandar Torkaman (Persian: بندرتركمن‎; also Romanized as Bandar-e Torkaman, Bandar-e Torkeman, and Bandar-e Torkman; formerly, Bandar Shah (Persian: بَندَرِ شاه‎), also Romanized as Bandar-e Shāh and Bandar Shāh) is a city in and capital of Torkaman …

  • Bakhtiari Dam

    The Bakhtiari Dam is an arch dam currently under construction on the Bakhtiari River within the Zagros Mountains in Aligudarz County, Lorestan Province, Iran. At a planned height of 315 metres (1,033 ft), it will be the world's tallest dam once comp…

  • Urmia Airport

    Urmia Airport (Persian: فرودگاه اورميه‎ – Farūdgāh-e Ūrmīyeh) (IATA: OMH, ICAO: OITR) is a village and airport in Nazluy-ye Jonubi Rural District, in the Central District of Urmia County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its popul…

  • Teppe Hasanlu

    Teppe Hasanlu or Tappeh Hassanlu (Persian: تپه حسنلو) is an archeological site of an ancient city located in northwest Iran (in the province of West Azerbaijan), a short distance south of Lake Urmia.

  • Shemshak

    Shemshak (Persian: شمشک‎) is a city in Rudbar-e Qasran District, Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, Iran.

  • Salsabil

    Salsabil (Arabic: سلسبيلSalsabīl) is an Islamic Arabic term referring to a spring in paradise (Jannah).It can also mean river or fountain in paradise.The sole Qur'anic reference is in sura Al-Insan.