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  • Marad

    Marad (Sumerian: Marda, modern Tell Wannat es-Sadum or Tell as-Sadoum, Iraq) was an ancient Sumerian city. Marad was situated on the west bank of the then western branch of the Upper Euphrates River west of Nippur in modern day Iraq and roughly 50 …

  • Karkh

    Karkh or Al-Karkh (Arabic: الكرخ) is historically the name of the western half of Baghdad, Iraq, or alternatively, the western shore of the Tigris River as it ran through Baghdad. The eastern shore is known as Al-Rasafa.

  • Iskandariya

    Al-Iskandariya or Alexandria (الإسكندرية, also given as Iskandariyah, Iskanderiyah, Iskanderiya, Iskanderiyeh or Sikandariyeh or Al Askandariyah) is an ancient city in central Iraq, one of a number of towns in the Near East named after Alexander the…

  • Der (Sumer)

    Der (Sumerian: ALUDi-e-ir) was a Sumerian city-state at the site of modern Tell Aqar near al-Badra in Iraq's Wasit Governorate. It was east of the Tigris River on the border between Sumer and Elam. Its name was possibly Durum.

  • Tepe Gawra

    Tepe Gawra (or "Great Mound") is an ancient Mesopotamian settlement in northwest Iraq that was occupied between 5000 and 1500 BC.

  • Karrada

    Karrada (Arabic: كرّادة‎) is a upper middle class district of the city of Baghdad, Iraq. It has a mixed population with a Shia majority and a significant Christian minority. It is considered to be one of the most diverse areas of the city, and is on…

  • Habbaniyah

    Al Habbaniyah or Habbaniya (Arabic: الحبانية) is a city in Al-Anbar Province, in central Iraq. A military airfield, RAF Habbaniya, was the site of a battle in 1941, during World War II.

  • Baqofah

    Baqofa (also, Baqofah or Bakofa or Bakopa or Baqopa) (Syriac: ܒܝܬ ܩܘܦܐ, Běţ Ợopa) is an Assyrian village in Assyria, northern Iraq located near Batnaya. Most of its inhabitants are adherents of the Chaldean Catholic Church.

  • Abu Salabikh

    The low tells at Abu Salabikh, around 12 miles (19 km) northwest of the site of ancient Nippur in Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate, Iraq mark the site of a small Sumerian city of the mid third millennium BCE, with cultural connections to the cities of Kish…

  • Abu Hanifa Mosque

    The Abu Hanifa Mosque (Arabic: مسجد أبو حنيفة, masjid abū ḥanīfah or مسجد أبي حنيفة, masjid abī ḥanīfah‎) is one of the most prominent Sunni mosques in Baghdād, Iraq.

  • Al-Shaab Stadium

    Al-Shaab Stadium (Arabic: ملعب الشعب‎) also known as The People's Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Baghdad, Iraq. The stadium was a gift to the Iraqi government from the Gulbenkian Foundation, is used mostly for football (soccer) matches, is t…

  • 2004 Forward Operating Base Marez bombing

    The Forward Operating Base Marez bombing took place on December 21, 2004. Fourteen U.S. soldiers, four U.S. citizen Halliburton employees, and four Iraqi soldiers allied with the U.S. military were killed in an attack on a dining hall at the Forward…

  • Tell Arpachiyah

    Tell Arpachiyah (outside modern Mosul in Ninawa Governorate Iraq) is a prehistoric archaeological site in Nineveh Province (Iraq). It takes its name from a more recent village located about 4 miles (6.4 km) from Nineveh.

  • Salman Pak

    Salman Pak (Arabic: سلمان باك ‎) مرقد سلمان المحمدي (ع) is a city approximately 15 miles south of Baghdad near a peninsula formed by a broad eastward bend of the Tigris River. It is named after Salman the Persian, a companion of Muhammad who is buri…

  • Palestine Hotel

    The Palestine Hotel (Arabic: فندق فلسطين), often referred to simply as The Palestine, is an 18-storey hotel in Baghdad, Iraq located on Firdos Square, across from the Sheraton Ishtar. It has long been favoured by journalists and media personnel.

  • Mustansiriya Madrasah

    Mustansiriya Madrasah (Arabic,المدرسة المستنصرية) is a historical building in Baghdad, Iraq. It was the premises of one of the oldest Islamic institutions of higher learning in the world, established in 1227 as a madrasah by the Abbasid Caliph al-Mu…

  • Franso Hariri Stadium

    Franso Hariri Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. It is currently used mostly for football matches and also has facilities for athletics. The stadium has an official capacity of 28,000, making it the 3rd-largest in Iraq.

  • Charax Spasinu

    Spasinu Charax /spæsɨn æræks/, or Charax Spasinu, Charax Pasinu, Charax Spasinou (Ancient Greek: Σπασίνου Χάραξ), Alexandria (Greek: Ἀλεξάνδρεια), and Antiochia in Susiana (Greek: Ἀντιόχεια τῆς Σουσιανῆς) was an ancient port at the head of the P…

  • Chamchamal

    Chamchamal (Kurdish: Çemçemall چه‌مچه‌ماڵ, Arabic جمجمال, ) is a Kurdish city located to the east of Kirkuk and west of Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is a 30 minutes drive from Kirkuk and a 40 minutes drive from Sulaymaniyah.

  • Batnaya

    Batnaya (Syriac: ܒܛܢܝܐ) is an Assyrian town in northern Iraq located 14 miles north of Mosul and around 3 miles north of Tel Keppe.

  • Al-Taqaddum Air Base

    Al Taqaddum Airbase (Arabic: قاعدة التقدم الجوية ‎), or Al Taqaddum AB (ICAO: ORAT), (Called TQ in military shorthand slang), is an airbase that is located in central Iraq, approximately 74 kilometers west of Baghdad, at Habbaniyah. The airfield is …

  • 23 April 2009 Iraqi suicide attacks

    The 23 April 2009 Iraqi suicide attacks were two separate suicide attacks which occurred in Baghdad and Muqdadiyah, Iraq, on 23 April 2009. At least seventy-six people are known to have died in the attacks, including several Iranian pilgrims. The Lo…

  • Sheik Abd-Al-Rahman

    Sheik Abd-Al-Rahman (died June 7, 2006), also Shaykh Abd Al-Rahman or Sheik Abd Al-Rahman, was the spiritual advisor to al-Qaeda in Iraq until his death in June 2006.

  • Nehardea

    Nehardea or Nehardeah (Aramaic: נהרדעא nher-daʻă‎ "river of knowledge") was a city of Babylonia, situated at or near the junction of the Euphrates with the Nahr Malka (also known as Nâr Sharri, Ar-Malcha, Nahr el-Malik, and King's Canal), one of the…

  • Kalar, Iraq

    Kalar (Kurdish:که‌لار, Kelar ) is a town in Iraqi Kurdistan located on Sirwan (Diyala) river, to the east of Kifri and to the west of Qasri Shirin and Sarpol Zahab in Kermanshah Province in east Kurdistan. Part of the twin towns of Smud-Kalar, Smud …

  • Fallujah Barrage

    The Fallujah Barrage is a barrage on the Euphrates near Fallujah in Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq. Construction of the barrage was completed in 1985. Unlike many other dams in the Euphrates, the Fallujah Barrage does not include a hydroelectric power s…

  • Daquq

    Daquq or Daquqa, Dakuk, Daqooq, Tavuk or Tawuq (Turkish:Dakuk) (Arabic:داقوق) is an historically Assyrian town in Iraq south of Kirkuk. It is the capital of Daquq District, one of the four Districts of Kirkuk Governorate.

  • Cheekha Dar

    Cheekha Dar, or The Outer Row, is the local Kurdish name for the mountain currently thought to be the highest in Iraq. It is claimed to be 3,611 metres high in the CIA World Factbook.