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304 Articles of interest in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

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  • Maidalen

    Maidalen is a valley, 1.2 nautical miles (2.2 km) long in a north–south direction, extending from Maiviken to Lewis Pass on Thatcher Peninsula, South Georgia. This feature was originally considered to be a part of Bore Valley but has since been dete…

  • Lawther Knoll

    Lawther Knoll (54°29′S37°3′W) is a rounded, scree-covered hill rising to 315 metres (1,030 ft) in eastern Annenkov Island, South Georgia. It was named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee for British Antarctic Survey geologist Eric G.

  • Jossac Bight

    Jossac Bight is a bight extending for 7 nautical miles (13 km) along the south coast of South Georgia between Holmestrand and Aspasia Point. The name "Jossac Bite" was used by the early sealers for a bight to the southeast of King Haakon Bay, and pr…

  • Inner Lee Island

    Inner Lee Island (54°2′S37°16′W) is a small island 1.3 km (0.8 mi) north-northeast of Luck Point, lying in the Bay of Isles, South Georgia. This island was charted in 1912–13 by Robert Cushman Murphy, an American naturalist abroad the brig Daisy, w…

  • Enten Bay

    Enten Bay is a small bay lying southwest of Jason Harbour in the west side of Cumberland West Bay, South Georgia. The name "Entenbucht" (duck bay) seems to have been first used on a 1907 chart of Cumberland Bay by Dr. A.

  • Ellerbeck Peak

    Ellerbeck Peak (54°23′S36°19′W) is a peak rising to 685 m on the south side of Sorling Valley, South Georgia. Named by the United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC) in 1987 for Lieutenant Commander John A. Ellerbeck DSC, Royal Navy.

  • Cape Constance

    Cape Constance (54°3′S36°59′W) is a cape that marks the northern tip of the peninsula between Antarctic Bay and Possession Bay on the north coast of South Georgia. Cape Constance was named in about 1912, after Constance Greene Allardyce, wife of Si…

  • Bomford Peak

    Bomford Peak (54°8′S37°38′W) is, at 1,140 metres (3,740 ft) the highest peak located centrally on the peninsula between Wilson Harbour and Cheapman Bay on the south side of South Georgia. It was surveyed by the South Georgia Survey (SGS) in the per…