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  • Çoruh River

    The Çoruh River (Turkish: Çoruh, Georgian: ჭოროხი ch'orokhi, Greek: Άκαμψις, Akampsis Armenian "Ճորոխ"- (Tchorokh)) rises in the Mescit Mountains in north-eastern Turkey, flows through the cities of Bayburt, Ispir, Yusufeli, and Artvin, along the Ke…

  • Zestaponi

    Zestafoni or Zestaponi (correct pronunciation - Zestaphoni [zɛstʼapʰɔni]) (Georgian: ზესტაფონი) is the administrative center of Zestafoni District in Western Georgia. Zestafoni is the center of an ancient, historical part of Georgia - Margveti, whic…

  • Lagodekhi

    Nestled at the foot of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Lagodekhi (Georgian: ლაგოდეხი; Azerbaijani: Laqodex) lies in the heart of Georgian wine country. Lagodekhi is renowned for its natural beauty, nearby waterfalls and most notably the Lagodekhi Na…

  • Bodbe Monastery

    The Monastery of St. Nino at Bodbe (Georgian: ბოდბის წმინდა ნინოს მონასტერი, bodbis ts’minda Ninos monasteri) is a Georgian Orthodox monastic complex and the seat of the Bishops of Bodbe located 2 km from the town of Sighnaghi, Kakheti, Georgia. Ori…

  • Tkvarcheli

    Tkvarcheli (Georgian: ტყვარჩელი; Abkhaz: Тҟəарчал, Tqwarchal; Russian: Ткуарчал or Ткварчели, Tkuarchal or Tkvarcheli) is a town in Abkhazia, Georgia.

  • Armazi

    Armazi (Georgian: არმაზი) is a locale in Georgia, 4 km southwest of Mtskheta and 22 km northwest of Tbilisi. A part of historical Greater Mtskheta, it is a place where the ancient city of the same name and the original capital of the early Georgian …

  • Alaverdi Monastery

    Alaverdi Monastery (Georgian: ალავერდის მონასტერი) is a Georgian Eastern Orthodox monastery located 25 km from Akhmeta, in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia. While parts of the monastery date back to 6th century, the present day cathedral was bu…

  • Surami

    Surami (Georgian: სურამი) is a small town (daba) in Georgia’s Shida Kartli region with the population of 9,800. It is a popular mountain climatic resort and a home to a medieval fortress.

  • Sochi National Park

    Sochi National Park (Russian: Сочинский национальный парк, Sochinsky National Park) is a national park in Western Caucasus, near the city of Sochi, in Southern Russia.

  • Kvareli

    Kvareli (Georgian: ყვარელი) is a town in northeastern in Kakheti Province, Georgia. Located in the Alazani Valley, near the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, it was the birthplace of Georgian author Ilia Chavchavadze, whose fortified hous…

  • Bolnisi

    Bolnisi (Georgian: ბოლნისი), is a city in the country of Georgia, located in the Kvemo Kartli region and capital of the Bolnisi district.

  • Batumi Botanical Garden

    The Batumi Botanical Garden (Georgian: ბათუმის ბოტანიკური ბაღი) is a 111 hectare area of land 9 km north of the city of Batumi, capital of Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia.

  • Ochamchira

    Ochamchira or Ochamchire (Abkhaz: Очамчыра, Ochamchyra; Georgian: ოჩამჩირე, Ochamchire; Russian: Очамчира, Ochamchira) is a seaside city on the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia, and a centre of the eponymous district.

  • Mtatsminda Pantheon

    The Mtatsminda Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures (Georgian: მთაწმინდის მწერალთა და საზოგადო მოღვაწეთა პანთეონი, mtats'mindis mts'eralta da sazogado moghvats'eta p'anteoni) is a necropolis in Tbilisi, Georgia, where some of the most prominent wr…

  • Likani

    Likani (Georgian: ლიკანი) is a townlet in Georgia’s Samtskhe-Javakheti region, located at the west end of the town of Borjomi in the Borjomi Gorge, some 160 km west of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.

  • Gurjaani

    Gurjaani (Georgian: გურჯაანი) is a town in Georgia, located in the region of Kakheti and serving as the centre of the Gurjaani district.

  • Gremi

    Gremi (Georgian: გრემი) is a 16th-century architectural monument – the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels – in Kakheti, Georgia.

  • Baghdati

    Baghdati (Georgian: ბაღდათი) is a town of 4,800 people in the Imereti region of western Georgia, at the edge of the Ajameti forest on the river Khanistsqali, a tributary of the Rioni.

  • Oni, Georgia

    Oni (Georgian: ონი) is a town in Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region (mkhare), Georgia. Historically and ethnographically, it is part of Racha, a historic highland province in western Georgia.

  • Metekhi

    Metekhi (Metechi; Georgian: მეტეხი) is a historic neighborhood of Tbilisi, Georgia, located on the elevated cliff that overlooks the Mtkvari river.

  • Martvili

    Martvili (Georgian: მარტვილი) is a small town in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province of Western Georgia. Its monastery was Samegrelo's clerical centre in the Middle Ages.

  • JSC RMG Copper

    JSC RMG Copper (JSCM) (Georgian: სააქციო საზოგადოება არ ემ ჯი კოპერი, saak'ts'io sazogadoeba "RMG Copper", formerly JSC Madneuli) is a mining company based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • Lake Ritsa

    Lake Ritsa (Georgian: რიწა, Abkhaz: Риҵа, Russian: Рица) in the northern part of Abkhazia, a de facto breakaway republic of Georgia, is a lake in the Caucasus Mountains, surrounded by mixed mountain forests and subalpine meadows. Its water is cold a…

  • Kaspi

    Kaspi (Georgian: კასპი) is a town in central Georgia on the Mtkvari River. It is a center of Kaspi district, one of the four districts in Shida Kartli region. Founded in the early Middle Ages, the town turned into possession of the Amilakhvari noble…

  • Inguri River

    The Inguri (Georgian: ენგური, Enguri; Abkhaz: Егры, Egry Russian: Ингур, Ingur), is a river in western Georgia.

  • Gardabani

    Gardabani (Georgian: გარდაბანი) is a town in the Georgian region of Kvemo Kartli, and the centre of the Garbabani district, located 39 km south of Georgia's capital Tbilisi.

  • Vaziani Military Base

    The Vaziani Military Base is located about twenty kilometers outside Tbilisi at Latitude 41.6947 Longitude 45.0467, Georgia. The main base is spread over 10,000 hectares.

  • Turtle Lake (Tbilisi)

    Turtle Lake is a direct English translation of Kus Tba (Georgian: კუს ტბა), a small lake at the outskirts of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, so named due to the perceived abundance of turtles living in these places.

  • Tbilisi Sports Palace

    Tbilisi Sport Palace (Georgian: თბილისის სპორტის სასახლე) is an Indoor sports arena situated in Tbilisi, Georgia. The arena usually hosts basketball, handball, judo, tennis, boxing and other games and tournaments with high attendance. Built in 1961,…

  • Sachkhere

    Sachkhere (Georgian: საჩხერე) is a town at the northern edge of the Imereti Province in Western Georgia.

  • Ninotsminda

    Ninotsminda (Georgian: ნინოწმინდა) is a town and a rayon located in Georgia's southern district of Samtskhe-Javakheti. The rayon has a population of 34,305 according to 2002 Census.