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  • Ballenstedt/Bode-Selke-Aue

    Ballenstedt/Bode-Selke-Aue was a Verwaltungsgemeinschaft ("collective municipality") in the district of Harz, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The seat of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft was in Ballenstedt.

  • Aschersleben/Land

    Aschersleben/Land is a former Verwaltungsgemeinschaft ("collective municipality") in the Salzlandkreis district, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The seat of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft was in Aschersleben.

  • Burg Castle (Solingen)

    Burg Castle (German: Schloss Burg), located in Burg an der Wupper (Solingen), is the largest reconstructed castle in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and a popular tourist attraction.

  • Ruden (island)

    Ruden is a small island in the Baltic Sea, located between Rügen and Usedom off the German coast. Ruden belongs to the municipality of Kröslin, in the German state (Bundesland) of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

  • Rotenberg (Stuttgart)

    Rotenberg is a village which is a part of the Untertürkheim district of the City of Stuttgart, Germany. The area overlooks Untertürkheim and the Neckar valley and lies on the north and east slopes of the hill known as Württemberg (previously Wirtemb…

  • Baden-Württemberg

    Baden-Württemberg (/ˈbdən vɜrtəmˌbɜrɡ/; German pronunciation: [ˈbaːdən ˈvʏʁtəmˌbɛʁk]) is a state of Germany located in the southwest, east of the Upper Rhine. It is Germany’s third largest state in terms of size and population, with an area of 35,…

  • Park Tower (Frankfurt)

    Park Tower, formerly known as SGZ-Hochhaus, is a high-rise building in the Westend-Süd district of Frankfurt, Germany. It was built in 1972 as the administrative headquarters of the Südwestdeutschen Genossenschafts-Zentralbank (since 2001 DZ Bank). …

  • Sommerkahl (river)

    The Sommerkahl is a left tributary of the Kahl in the northern Spessart in Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. It is 5 km (3,1 mi) long. From the headwaters to the entrance of Sommerkahl the stream is called Speckkahl ("Bacon kahl"). This name comes …

  • Harburg, Hamburg

    Harburg (UN/LOCODE: DE HBU) is a borough of the city of Hamburg, Germany, and a quarter in this borough. The quarter used to be the capital of the district in Lower Saxony. The borough Harburg lies on the southern shores of the river Elbe and covers…

  • Thuringia

    The Free State of Thuringia (English /θəˈrɪniə/; German: Freistaat Thüringen, pronounced [ˈfʁaɪʃtaːt ˈtyːʁɪŋən]) is a federal state of Germany, located in the central part of the country. It has an area of 16,171 square kilometres (6,244 sq mi) an…

  • Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

    The Kunstgewerbemuseum, or Museum of Decorative Arts, is an internationally important museum of the decorative arts in Berlin, Germany, part of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Berlin State Museums).

  • Katharinenkirche, Oppenheim

    The Katharinenkirche (St. Catherine's church) in Oppenheim, Germany, is regarded as important Gothic church building on the Rhine, alongs with the cathedrals of Cologne and Strasbourg. Construction began probably in 1225, when Oppenheim was granted …

  • Bille (Elbe)

    The river Bille is a small, slow-flowing river in Stormarn, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, a right tributary of the Elbe. Its source is near Linau, north of the Hahnheide forest. It then flows south of Trittau, representing the border between Storm…

  • Belvedere on the Pfingstberg

    The Belvedere on the Pfingstberg (German: Belvedere auf dem Pfingstberg) is a palace in the northern part of the New Garden in Potsdam, Germany, atop Pfingstberg mountain. It was commissioned by Friedrich Wilhelm IV and is only one part of an origin…

  • Wedel station

    Wedel station is a railway station on the Altona-Blankenese line, served by the rapid transit trains of the Hamburg S-Bahn, located in Wedel, Germany.

  • Wedding (Berlin)

    Wedding (German: der Wedding; pronounced [ˈvɛdɪŋ]) is a locality in the borough of Mitte, Berlin, Germany and was a separate borough in the north-western inner city until it was fused with Tiergarten and Mitte in Berlin's 2001 administrative reform.

  • Wedaustadion

    Wedaustadion was a multi-purpose stadium in Duisburg, Germany. It was the home ground for MSV Duisburg until the club moved to the new MSV-Arena after the 2003–04 season.

  • Wechterswinkel Abbey

    Wechterswinkel Abbey (Kloster Wechterswinkel) was a Cistercian nunnery in the small village of Wechterswinkel, a part of Bastheim in the mountainous region of the Rhön in Bavaria, Germany, in the Bishopric of Würzburg.

  • Wechselburg Priory

    Wechselburg Priory, formerly Wechselburg Abbey (Kloster Wechselburg) is a Benedictine priory in Wechselburg in Saxony, dissolved in the 16th century and re-founded in 1993.

  • Weberwiese (Berlin U-Bahn)

    Weberwiese is a Berlin U-Bahn station located on the U5 line, which currently runs from Alexanderplatz to Hönow. The station is located under Karl-Marx-Allee directly east of Straße der Pariser Kommune. Although the next station on the line is calle…