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  • Bertoua

    Bertoua is the capital of the Eastern Region of Cameroon and of the Lom-et-Djerem Department. It has a population of 88,462 (at the 2005 Census), and is the traditional home of the Gbaya people.

  • Batibo

    Batibo is a town in Cameroon, Africa. It is located along the Trans-African Highway, 27 miles west of Bamenda and about 100 miles east of Nigeria. Batibo is the economic, social, political and cultural heartbeat of Moghamo as well as the Greater Wid…

  • Abong-Mbang

    Abong-Mbang is a town and commune in the East Province of Cameroon. Abong-Mbang is located at a crossroads of National Route 10 and the road that leads south to Lomié. Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, is 178 km to the west, and Bertoua, the capital…

  • Edéa

    Edéa is a city located along the Sanaga River in Cameroon's Littoral Province. It lies on the Douala–Yaoundé railway line. Its population was estimated at 122,300 in 2001. There are bauxite facilities, aluminium processing facility, steel processing…

  • Bandjoun

    Bandjoun (La 'Djo in local language) is a town and commune in the Koung-Khi Department in the West Region in western Cameroon. Bandjoun is the capital of Koung-Khi and also of the largest traditional chiefdom (chefferie) in Bamiléké country.

  • Mokolo

    Mokolo is the departmental capital and largest city of the Mayo-Tsanaga department, in the Far North Province of Cameroon. It is the fourth largest city in the Far North Province, after Maroua, Yagoua, and Kousséri.

  • Mbengwi

    Mbengwi is the headquarters of Momo Department in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, located some 22 km from Bamenda.

  • Mbalam

    Mbalam is a place in Cameroon near the southern border with the Republic of the Congo where there are significant deposits of iron ore.

  • Lake Barombi Mbo

    Lake Barombi Mbo or Barombi-ma-Mbu is a lake near Kumba in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. It is located in the Cameroon volcanic chain, and is the largest volcanic lake in this region. It is one of the oldest radiocarbon-dated lakes in Africa.

  • Kadéï River

    The Kadéï River is a tributary of the Sangha River that flows through Cameroon and the Central African Republic. Its total drainage basin is 24,000 km². The river rises from the eastern Adamawa Plateau, southeast of Garoua-Boulaï , the Kadéï meets t…

  • Sangmélima

    Sangmélima is a town on the Lobo River, and also the chief town of Lobo division ('Dja et Lobo'), in the South Province ('Province du Sud'), Republic of Cameroon, Africa.

  • Salak Airport

    Salak Airport (IATA: MVR, ICAO: FKKL), is an airport serving Maroua, the capital of the Far North Region in Cameroon. The airport is located about 15 km (9 mi) southwest of Maroua, near the city of Salak.

  • Ngaoundal

    Ngaoundal is a town in the Adamawa Province of Cameroon. It is located at 6° 30" North, 13° 16" East. The town is home to a regional airport.

  • Mayo Kébbi

    The Mayo Kébbi is a river in Central and West Africa. The river rises in Chad, then flows west into the Bénoué River. Mayo-Kébbi Prefecture in Chad is named for it. The Mayo Kébbi is the major outlet for Lake Fianga, shared between Cameroon and Chad.

  • Bankim

    Bankim, M'Bankim or Bamkin is a town and commune of the division Mayo-Banyo in Adamaoua in Cameroon. It is about 9 km from Bandam and 13 km from the Hoséré Glon mountain.. The area's vegetation is of shrub savanna type.

  • Ambam

    Ambam is a town and commune in South Province of Cameroon on the border with Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. This frontier town is located approximately 220 km from Yaoundé and as of 2005 had a population of 1,596. Traditionally, it has traded with its…

  • Tibati

    Tibati is a town and commune in Djérem, Cameroon. The town and region are reigned by a local monarch, the Lamido. The most notable economic activity in the region is the fishery industry. The fish comes from the lake Mbakaou, a large dammed lake nex…

  • Nanga Eboko

    Nanga Eboko (Nanga-Eboko) is a small town and capital of the Haute-Sanaga (Upper Sanaga) department in the Centre Province of Cameroon.

  • Fundong

    Fundong (Kom: Fɨ̀ndoŋ) is a town and commune in Cameroon. It is the capital of Boyo Division, with a population of about 20,000. It is situated about 80 km from Bamenda, the regional Headquarters of the North West region.