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  • Brienzer Rothorn

    The Brienzer Rothorn is a mountain of the Emmental Alps, in Switzerland. With an elevation of 2,350 metres above sea level, the Brienzer Rothorn is the highest summit of the range. To its west lies the Tannhorn, whilst to its east are Arnihaaggen, H…

  • Bettmeralp

    Bettmeralp is a municipality in the district of Raron in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. On 1 January 2014 the former municipalities of Betten and Martisberg merged into the municipality of Bettmeralp.

  • Augustinergasse

    Augustinergasse is a medieval lane and as today part of the innercity pedestrian zone of Zürich, Switzerland. It probably is named after the old term Rain, not to be confused with the Englisch term, but maybe meaning slope. Once, it was one of the n…

  • Adlisberg

    Adlisberg, with an elevation of 701 metres (2,300 ft), is a wooded mountain in Switzerland overlooking Zürichsee (Lake Zürich) to the northwest near the Zürichberg.

  • Aarburg Castle

    Aarburg Castle (German: Festung Aarburg) is a castle in the municipality of Aarburg in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. It is located high above the Aarburg on a steep, rocky hillside. The castle was built around a medieval castle, which control…

  • A1 motorway (Switzerland)

    The A1 is a motorway in Switzerland. It follows Switzerland's main east-west axis, from St. Margrethen in northeastern Switzerland's canton of St. Gallen through to Geneva in southwestern Switzerland. The motorway spans over 200 kilometres (120 mi) …

  • Zürichhorn

    Zürichhorn is a river delta on Zürichsee's eastern shore in the lower basin of the lake. The area is part of the parks and quays in the Seefeld quarter of the city of Zürich in Switzerland.

  • Zinal

    Zinal is a village located in the municipality of Anniviers in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It lies at an altitude of 1,675 metres in the Swiss Alps in the Val de Zinal, a valley running from the Zinal Glacier, north of Dent Blanche to the v…

  • Zentralbibliothek Zürich

    Zentralbibliothek Zürich (Zürich Central Library) is the main library of both the city and the University of Zürich, housed in the Predigerkloster, the former Black Friars' abbey, in the old town's Rathaus quarter. It was founded in 1914 by a merger…

  • Val Bregaglia

    The Val Bregaglia (Italian), Val Bargaja (Lombard), or Bergell Tal (German) is an alpine valley of Switzerland and Italy at the base of which runs the river Mera River (or Maira). It begins at the Maloja Pass (1815 m) which connects it to the Engadi…

  • Tribschen

    Tribschen (also seen as Triebschen) is a district of the city of Lucerne, in the Canton of Lucerne in central Switzerland.

  • Stade de la Maladière

    Stade de la Maladière is a multi-purpose stadium in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Neuchâtel Xamax.

  • Scex Rouge

    The Scex Rouge (also spelled Sex Rouge; lit. "red rock"; 2,971 m) is a mountain of the Alps, overlooking Les Diablerets in the canton of Vaud. Along with the Oldenhorn to the east, it is one of the main peaks of the Diablerets, a huge ice-covered mo…

  • Schöllenen Gorge

    Schöllenen Gorge is a gorge located in the Swiss canton of Uri between the towns of Göschenen to the north and Andermatt to the south. It is 5 km long along the Reuss River in central Switzerland, and provides access to the St.

  • Schwandbach Bridge

    The Schwandbach Bridge is a deck-stiffened reinforced concrete arch bridge near Bern in Switzerland, designed by Robert Maillart and completed in 1933 at a cost of 47,298 CHF.

  • Rheinwaldhorn

    The Rheinwaldhorn (Italian: Adula) is the highest point in the Swiss canton of Ticino at 3,402 metres above sea level. It lies on the border between the cantons of Graubünden and Ticino, in the Adula massif, part of the St.

  • Pizol

    The Pizol is a mountain in the Glarus Alps, overlooking Bad Ragaz in the canton of St. Gallen. At 2,844 metres above sea level, it is the highest summit of the chain separating the valleys of the Seez and the Tamina and the highest mountain lying en…

  • Museum Tinguely

    The Museum Tinguely is an art museum in Basel, Switzerland that contains a permanent exhibition of the works of Swiss painter and sculptor Jean Tinguely.

  • Mendrisio (district)

    The district of Mendrisio (also called Mendrisiotto) is the southernmost district of canton of Ticino and of Switzerland. To its north lies the district of Lugano. It is surrounded on the other three sides by Italy: to the east and south by the prov…