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44 Articles of interest in Brunei Darussalam

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  • Mukim Pekan Tutong

    Pekan Tutong is a mukim in the Tutong District of Brunei. It is located in the north-west of the Tutong District facing the South China Sea, bordering Mukim Keriam to the north-east, Mukim Kiudang to the south-east, Mukim Tanjong Maya to the south a…

  • Mumong

    Mumong, or Kampong Mumong in Malay is a village located in the Belait district of Brunei Darussalam between the towns of Kuala Belait and Seria. It serves as a suburb for both of these towns.

  • Kampong Sungai Teraban

    Kampong Sungai Teraban is a village (kampong) in Brunei. It is located in the Belait district across the mouth of the Belait River from Kuala Belait and serves as a suburb of the latter.

  • Kampong Sungai Duhon

    Kampong Sungai Tujoh is a village that is located in the Belait district of Brunei. It is not known if the village was named after the river of Sungai Tujoh or vice versa.

  • Brooketon Colliery

    Brooketon Colliery, formerly known as Muara Coal Mine, was one of the underground coal mines in Brunei. It is no longer in production and has reverted to its natural state (i.e. overgrown with secondary forest).

  • North East Metropolitan Area of Brunei

    Metropolitan population in North eastern region of Brunei is about 303,000. Bandar Seri Begawan is the largest city. Jerudong is the second largest, Gadong Town is the third most populous. Berakas Town is the fourth most populous but the smallest in…