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  • Qazax

    Qazax (also known as Gazakh or Qazakh) is a city in and the capital of the Qazax Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 35,102

  • Lake Sarysu

    Sarysu (Azerbaijani: Sarısu meaning "Yellow Lake") is the largest lake of Azerbaijan located in Imishli and Sabirabad raions of the Kur-Araz Lowland.

  • Nakhichevan Khanate

    The Nakhchivan Khanate (Persian: خانات نخجوان‎) was a khanate that was established in Safavid Persia in 1747. The territory of the khanate corresponded to most of the present-day Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Vayots Dzor Province of present-day…

  • Government House, Baku

    The Government House of Baku, also known as House of Government, is a government building housing various state ministries of Azerbaijan. It is located on Neftchiler Avenue and faces the Baku Boulevard. The rear side of the building faces busy Uzeyi…

  • Dastakert

    Dastakert (Armenian: Դաստակերտ) is a town and an urban community in the Syunik Province of Armenia. It is located at a distance of 236 km south of the capital Yerevan and 127 km north-west of the regional centre Kapan.

  • Baku TV Tower

    The Baku TV Tower (Azerbaijani: Televiziya Qülləsi), built in 1996, is a free standing concrete telecommunications tower in Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • 2010 Mardakert skirmishes

    The 2010 Mardakert skirmishes were a series of violations of the Nagorno-Karabakh War ceasefire. They took place across the line of contact dividing Azerbaijan and the ethnic Armenian military forces of the unrecognized but de facto independent Nago…

  • Guba mass grave

    The Guba mass grave is a mass grave site discovered in April 2007 during the construction of a stadium in the town of Guba in north eastern Azerbaijan.

  • Damcılı

    Damcılı (also, Damdzhaly, Damdzhyly, and Damzhaly) is a village in the Goygol Rayon of Azerbaijan. The village forms part of the municipality of Qızılca.

  • Boyuk Zira

    Boyuk Zira (Böyük Zirə), also known as Nargin, is an island in the Caspian Sea. It is one of the islands of Baku Archipelago located in the Baku bay near Baku city.

  • Qusar (city)

    Qusar (also Kusary; Azerbaijani: Qusar, Lezgian: Кцlар) is the capital of Qusar Rayon, Azerbaijan. Qusar is located in foothills of Greater Caucasus, over the Qusarchay River, 35 kilometers southwest from Khudat railway station and 180 km from Baku.…

  • Qakh (city)

    Qakh (Azerbaijani: Qax; Georgian: კახი), is the capital of the Qakh Rayon in the north of Azerbaijan, near the Russian border.

  • Nardaran

    Nardaran is a settlement and municipality on the Abşeron Peninsula in Baku, Azerbaijan. It has a population of 8,300.

  • Masallı

    Masallı (also, Masali, Masalı, Masally, and Massaly) is a city in and the capital of the Masally Rayon of Azerbaijan.

  • Id Gah Mosque

    Id Gah Mosque or Eid Gah Mosque is the second largest mosque in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. It is considered the cardinal religious mosque in the country, where a million people offer Eid prayers twice a year. It is located near the Mahmud Kh…

  • Heydar Aliyev Palace

    Heydar Aliyev Palace (Azeri: Heydər Əliyev Adına Saray, also known as Baku Palace, formerly Republic Palace (Respublika Sarayı) and during the Soviet era known as Lenin Palace (Лeнин aдынa) is the main music venue of Baku, Azerbaijan, seating 2158 p…

  • Hadrut (town)

    Hadrut (Armenian: Հադրութ Azerbaijani: Hadrut), is the capital of the Hadrut Province of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and considered by Azerbaijan to be part of Khojavend Rayon.

  • Goychay (city)

    Goychay (also, Göyçay, Gekchai, Geokchai, Geokchay, Geoktschai, Geokčaj, Geychay, and Göychay) is a city and municipality in and the capital of the Goychay Rayon of Azerbaijan. The municipality includes the city of Goychay and the nearby village of …

  • Vashlovani National Park

    Vashlovani National Park (Georgian: ვაშლოვანის ეროვნული პარკი ) is a national park located in the eastern part of Georgia, and was established in 1935 to preserve its unique shallow forests. In April 2003 the Reserve's area was expanded to 84.80 km²…

  • Shamkir District

    Shamkir (Azerbaijani: Şəmkir) is a rayon in Azerbaijan. It is located in the northwestern part of the Azerbaijan Republic. The rayon was previously called "Shamkhor" during the Soviet rule and was renamed to Shamkir only in 1991 after restoration of…

  • Inter Arena

    Shafa Stadium (Azerbaijani: Şəfa stadionu), also known as the Inter Arena for sponsorship purposes is an all-seater football stadium located in Baku and the home of Azerbaijan Premier League club FC Inter Baku. The stadium was built on the site of T…