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  • Estádio da Cidadela

    Estádio da Cidadela is a football stadium in Luanda, Angola. It is used mostly for football matches, while hosting from time to time cultural events, including musical concerts. It is part of the Complexo Desportivo da Cidadela, along with the Pavil…

  • Danny Roxo

    Staff Sergeant Francisco Daniel "Danny" Roxo (1933–1976) was a legendary Portuguese soldier from Mozambique. Born in Portugal, he moved to Portuguese East Africa as a civil servant, before working as a big game hunter in the Niassa Province.

  • Catumbela

    Catumbela is a city and a municipality of the Benguela province in Angola. It has a population of 16,977 as of 2012.

  • Bailundo

    Bailundo (earlier Teixeira da Silva) is a municipality and town in Huambo Province in the central highlands of Angola.

  • Caála

    Caála is a town located in Huambo Province in Angola. It was known as Vila Robert Williams while Angola was a Portuguese colony, after the famous railroad developer and mining magnate, Sir Robert Williams.

  • Cazenga

    Cazenga is one of the seven municipalities that make up the province of Luanda, as per the new administrative division of the province (the others being, Luanda, Belas, Cacuaco, Viana, Icolo e Bengo and Quiçama .

  • Cameia National Park

    Cameia National Park is a national park in the Moxico province of Angola, located at about 1100 m above sea level. It shares its name with the nearby municipality of Cameia. The Cameia–Luacano road forms the northern boundary of the park with the Ch…

  • Benguela Airport

    Benguela Airport (Portuguese: Aeroporto de Benguela) (IATA: BUG, ICAO: FNBG) is an airport serving Benguela, the capital city of the Benguela Province in Angola. It is also known as Gen. V.

  • Menongue Airport

    Menongue Airport (Portuguese: Aeroporto de Menongue) (IATA: SPP, ICAO: FNME) is an airport serving Menongue, a town and municipality in the Cuando Cubango province in Angola.

  • Mbanza Congo Airport

    Mbanza Congo Airport or M'banza Congo Airport (IATA: SSY, ICAO: FNBC) is an airport serving Mbanza Congo (also known as M'banza Congo or M'banza-Kongo) in northwestern Angola.

  • Lungwebungu River

    The Lungwebungu River (in Angola Lungué Bungo) of south-west-central Africa is the largest tributary of the upper Zambezi River. The headwaters of the Lungwebungu are in central Angola at an elevation around 1400 m, and it flows south-east across th…

  • Luena Airport

    Luena Airport (Portuguese: Aeroporto de Luena) (IATA: LUO, ICAO: FNUE) is an airport serving Luena, a town in and the capital of the Moxico Province in Angola.

  • Kuito Airport

    Kuito Airport (Portuguese: Aeroporto de Kuito) (IATA: SVP, ICAO: FNKU) is an airport serving Kuito (known as Silva Porto before 1975), a city in the Bié Province in Angola.

  • Cangandala National Park

    Cangandala National Park is a national park in Malanje Province, Angola. It is situated between the Cuije river and 2 unnamed territories of the Cuanza, with the towns of Culamagia and Techongolola on the edges of the park.

  • Caconda

    Caconda is a municipality and city situated in the North of the province of Huila, Angola, in the Plano Alto region, approximately 280 km North of Lubango, the provincial capital city, and approximately 700 km South from Luanda, the country's capita…

  • Alto Zambeze

    Alto Zambeze is a municipality in the Moxico province of Angola. It is situated near the border with Zambia and has about 40 thousand inhabitants.

  • Operation Super

    Operation Super was a military confrontation during the South African Border War and Angolan Civil War in March 1982 to prevent SWAPO guerrillas infiltrating into South West Africa through the Kaokoveld from a location near the abandoned Portuguese …

  • Ondjiva Pereira Airport

    Ondjiva Pereira Airport (IATA: NGV, ICAO: FNGI) is an airport serving Ondjiva (also known as Ongiva, Ngiva, or N'giva) in southern Angola. It is also known as Ngiva Airport or Ongiva Airport.

  • Ingombota

    Ingombota is one of the six urban districts that make up the municipality of Luanda, in the province of Luanda, the capital city of Angola.

  • Dilolo

    Dilolo is a town in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It lies within five miles of the eastern bank of the Kasai River, the DRC-Angolan border, and the Angolan town of Luau, at an altitude of 3510 ft (1069 m).