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  • Hlane Royal National Park

    Hlane Royal National Park is a park in Swaziland, roughly 67km northeast of Manzini along the MR3 road. Prior to the park being public, it was a private royal hunting ground. Hlane, meaning 'wilderness', was named by King Sobhuza II.

  • Ngwenya

    Ngwenya is a town in western Swaziland, lying near the border with South Africa, north west of Mbabane, on the MR3 road.

  • Kwangwanase

    Manguzi or kwaNgwanase (formerly Kosi Bay town) is a rural community in Umkhanyakude District Municipality in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

  • Malolotja Nature Reserve

    Malolotja Nature Reserve covers 4,447 acres (18,000 ha) of mountain wilderness on Swaziland's north western border with South Africa. The park includes Ngwenya Mountain, Swaziland's second highest mountain (1829 m), and Malolotja Falls which drop 29…

  • Golela

    Golela is a town in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, 45km east of Pongola on the border with Swaziland.

  • Nsoko

    Nsoko is a town in southern Swaziland about 5 kilometres from the border with South Africa. It lies about 65 kilometres north-east of Lavumisa and 45 kilometres south-east of Maloma.

  • Maputo Special Reserve

    Maputo Special Reserve, (formerly known as Maputo Elephant Reserve), is a nature reserve in Mozambique. The reserve is located on Maputo Bay, approximately 100 kilometers southeast of the city of Maputo, Mozambique. The Reserve is 77,400 hectares (1…

  • Luyengo

    Luyengo is a town in western Swaziland. It is located 35 kilometres south of the capital, Mbabane, on the MR18 highway, at the junction of the road south to Mankayane and Mgazini. Luyengo was the site of the Swaziland Agricultural College, which bec…

  • Siphofaneni

    Siphofaneni is a town in the Lubombo Region of central Swaziland 45 kilometres from Manzini and 20 kilometres from Big Bend, a major sugarcane-producing town on the main highway leading to Durban. It has a tropical climate, very hot during summer an…

  • Simunye Park

    Simunye Park is a multi-use stadium in Simunye, Swaziland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is home to the Royal Leopards of the Swazi Premier League.

  • Sidvokodvo

    Sidvokodvo is a town in central Swaziland, situated south of Manzini. For a tourist, it is of very little appeal. It used to host Swaziland Railway's steam shed, but steam traction has long been abandoned in Swaziland.

  • Royal Swazi Sun Hotel

    The Royal Swazi Sun Hotel is a major entertainment complex in the Ezulwini Valley of Swaziland. Founded in 1965, the complex is located 4 hours from Johannesburg by road.

  • Mpaka

    Mpaka is a town in eastern central Swaziland in western Lubombo District. It lies about 22 kilometres north west of Siteki on the MR3 highway. It is home to Swazi Secrets, a range of natural cosmetics produced from marula and other natural oils by S…

  • Motjane

    Motjane is a town in northwestern Swaziland. It is located on the MR1 route 15 kilometres to the northwest of Mbabane, on a junction with a route crossing into South Africa near the town of Ngwenya.

  • Mbabane River

    The Mbabane River is a river of Swaziland. It flows through Hhohho District in the north-west of the country. The city of Mbabane is located along the river.

  • Mankayane

    Mankayane is a town located in the Manzini region of Swaziland. This small town services the chiefdom of Velezizweni. Nearby are the extensive man-made forests which cover much of the high veld areas of Swaziland. The area around Mankayane is also c…

  • Jericho Dam

    Jericho Dam is a combined concrete gravity and earth-fill type dam located on the Mpama River, near Amsterdam, Mpumalanga, South Africa. It was established in 1966/68 and its primary purpose is to serve for municipal and industrial use.