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  • Oniipa

    Oniipa is a Town in the Oshikoto Region of northern Namibia and the district capital of the Oniipa electoral constituency. It lies just outside of Ondangwa. It is the hometown of former Lutheran bishop and liberation leader Leonard Auala.

  • Omuthiya

    Omuthiya Gwiipundi (short: Omuthiya) is the capital of Oshikoto Region in northern Namibia, situated approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Etosha National Park. It has about 5,000 residents.

  • Naute Dam

    The Naute Dam is a dam outside of Keetmanshoop in the ǁKaras Region of Namibia. It was built between 1970–1972 and was officially commissioned in September 1972. It is the third largest dam in Namibia after Hardap Dam to Naute's north and holds up t…

  • Mercury Island

    Mercury Island is a small rocky island off The Diamond Coast, Namibia. Despite its small size it is recognised by Bird Life and other global conservation groups as one of the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) for its important coastal seabird breeding.

  • Kleine Kuppe

    Kleine Kuppe (English: Small hilltop) is a residential suburb situated in the south of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Kleine Kuppe is a middle income suburb that is bordered by the suburbs of Olympia to the north and Cimbebasia to the west.

  • Helao Nafidi

    Helao Nafidi is a town in Ohangwena Region in northern Namibia at the border to Angola. It has been established in 2004 as an amalgamation of several villages and settlements along the main road between Oshikango and Ohangwena which are both also pa…

  • Grootfontein Airport

    Grootfontein Airport (IATA: GFY, ICAO: FYGF) is an airport serving Grootfontein, a city in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia. The airport is about 4 km (2 mi) south of the center of Grootfontein.

  • Gobabeb

    The Gobabeb Training and Research Center is an internationally recognized center for dry land training and research in Namibia. It is located in the Namib Desert, 120 km south-east of Walvis Bay.

  • Cameia

    Cameia is a municipality in Moxico Province, Angola. It is notable for its national park of the same name. Cameia and Lucano form the boundaries of the park.

  • Bukalo

    Bukalo is a small town in the Zambezi region of north-eastern Namibia. It is situated about 40 kilometres (25 mi) south-east of Katima Mulilo within the flood plains of the Zambezi.

  • Aroab

    Aroab is a village with a population of approximately 2500 in the Keetmanshoop district in the ǁKaras Region in the southeast of Namibia. Being situated on the edge of the Kalahari desert, the average annual rainfall is about 150-200mm.

  • Arandis Airport

    Arandis Airport (IATA: ADI, ICAO: FYAR) is an airport serving Arandis, a town in the Erongo Region of Namibia. The airport is about 5 km (3 mi) south of the center of Arandis.

  • Windhoek East

    Windhoek East is a constituency in the Khomas Region of Namibia. It consists of the upper-class suburbs of Windhoek: Auasblick, Avis, Klein Windhoek, Ludwigsdorf, Luxury Hill, Olympia, and Suiderhof.

  • Windhoek Country Club Resort

    The Windhoek Country Club Resort is a multi-use resort outside of Windhoek, Namibia owned by Legacy Hotels and Resorts International. The Resort was opened in May 1995 and was home to the 1995 Miss Universe Pageant. The resort's golf course is home …

  • Tsumeb Airport

    Tsumeb Airport (IATA: TSB, ICAO: FYTM) is an airport serving Tsumeb, a town in the Oshikoto Region of Namibia. The airport is located just east of the town.

  • Tsandi

    Tsandi (Oshiwambo: that which is at the center) is a settlement in the Omusati Region of northern Namibia and the district capital of the Tsandi electoral constituency.

  • Sepia papillata

    Sepia papillata is a species of cuttlefish native to the southeastern Atlantic Ocean and southwestern Indian Ocean. Its natural range stretches from Lüderitz Bay, South Africa (26°11′S15°10′E), to the coast of KwaZulu-Natal off the Tugela and Umvot…

  • Schlip

    Schlip is a settlement in the Rehoboth Rural constituency in the Hardap Region of central Namibia. It is situated on the unpaved road D1290 and has two primary schools and a junior secondary school.

  • Oanob Dam

    Oanob Dam is a dam outside of Rehoboth, Hardap Region, Namibia. Located 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) outside of Rehoboth, it dams the Oanob River and provides the town with a majority of its water.

  • Kudu Power Project

    The Kudu Power Project is a project to increase power production in Namibia. The main elements of the project are development of the Kudu gas field and construction of an 800 MW combined cycle natural gas-fired power station at Oranjemund. When comp…

  • Kongola Constituency

    Kongola is the westernmost constituency of Zambezi Region of Namibia, and the largest by area. It is located near the Kwando River. It contains the district village of Kongola and the villages of Mwanzi, Izwi, Mulanga, Pipo, Munguza, Kahunikwa, Poca…

  • Kalkfeld

    Kalkfeld is a settlement in the Otjozondjupa region of Namibia. It is situated halfway between Omaruru and Otjiwarongo on the national road C33 and belongs to the Omatako electoral constituency. The place normally receives an annual average rainfall…